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Hello all ,

I have a big problem this morning , i was working on a project yesterday ( not a big deal project ) i don’t know why it doesnt want to open this morning , the file is loading forever and nothing happens.

Does anyone can help me with this :frowning: !! I was suppose to give the final plans today for my client but i can’t do anything with this .

I’m working on your file. It’s huge and so not surprising that it would take a long time to open. I tried to reduce that time by cleaning up the SketchUp files some. While I’m waiting to see if LayOut will open the file, here are some things I found.

The first SketchUp file I looked at is SKETCHUP LAPIERRE. There was a little bit of incorrect tag usage. A few hundred geometry entries that had been given tags. (Only groups and components should be given tags.) Lots of hoarding of unused components and materials, though.
Screenshot - 12_22_2023 , 8_41_16 AM
There’s no reason to keep all of that stuff in your SketchUp models. It just adds bloat.

There are a lot of excessively large texture images in the model. This shows the largest of those. It’s silly to have a 4096x4096 texture image of the label on small bottles and jars unless your entire model is about those jars. Can you even see the labels on those bottles to read what they are?
Screenshot - 12_22_2023 , 8_42_25 AM

After the purge and reducing the textures that SketchUp file was reduced by 73%. It’s still a huge file but it’s better.

And in the other SketchUp file I found more incorrect tag usage. You should be leaving Untagged as active at all times. In this file you didn’t do that. Fixing the incorrect tag usage resulted in this:
Screenshot - 12_22_2023 , 8_45_36 AM

Purging unused:
Screenshot - 12_22_2023 , 8_46_00 AM

And reducing material texture sizes.
Screenshot - 12_22_2023 , 8_46_39 AM
The worst offender in this model, the dark green glass doesn’t need to have a texture let along a texture image that is 7000x4666 pixels.

The cleanup reduced this file by 85%.

Your LO file just opened. I’ll see if I can clean it up any further and then I will share it with you. It’s still huge. It would be wise to go through your SketchUp files and get rid of the overly detailed components. I didn’t dig into the SketchUp files that far.

By the way, this is not a bug in LayOut. LayOut is doing what it needs to do.

Ohh goshhh David ! You always saves lives ! i think you know it !
Thanks for sharing me thoses problems ! i will take note for next time and let my team know as well.

Keep me posted once you have finished to check the others issues.

Thanks again Dave!
God bless you !!!


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Thank you Valérie. That’s very kind of you.

It’s slow going but it’s looking promising. I’ll keep working on it.

You might want to remove the link to your file now. The LayOut file appears to have contact information for the client that maybe you don’t want out there for the world to harvest.

Well, I have it fixed. It should open for you now. I’ll send you a link to the file in a private message.

Going forward I would suggest that you get your team to be thoughtful about the entourage they download from the 3D Warehouse and other sources to add to project files. They should get into the habit of downloading components into a separate SketchUp file to first check that the components are suitable. Either reject them and look for something else or clean them up. Strip out unneeded or excess detail, reduce entity counts and texture sizes, fix tagging or get rid of unneeded tagging, etc. Do not add anything to the model that isn’t needed. This probably sounds like it will take a lot of time. It shouldn’t really be a huge time investment but working clean and light will save more time overall.


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