Layout crash ... many time

I use Sketchup 2020 pro; it crashes sometime time.
But I have a bigger issue with Layout:

  • Always open the old document when I start Layout, which means I have to way a long time (Each opening with a question to open or not - so feel bad).
  • And it crashes a lot. I even can not finish my job.
    Can someone help me with these issues, please?
    Thank you!

On your first point, do you mean that you always want to open the same document each time?

On your second point, this may have to do with the size of your file and the power of your computer. I don’t have very large files but LO crashed quite a lot before I upgraded and now rarely does. I presume that has a lot to do with the much greater muscle of my current machine.

Thank you!
About the first point: I did not want to open any file. I start LO, and automatically it opens a lot of my old documents simultaneously. And the problem is some unsaved files are newer than saved files, so LO asked, and I have to choose for each opening before it opens the next one.

For second point: I use Del Precission 5530, it a kind of laptop work station, I don’t know which one is enough strong for Sketchup. Could you advise me the performance of your computer, please?

Might this help ?

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Please post a file that crashes a lot. This will be a great way for the forum to assist, it may be a work issue. Also did you install SketchUp by choosing the installation file right click on it and choose run as administrator?

I follow your setting, it works now.
Thank you very much

Unfortenelly, the files I work on it all for customer, with copyright contract, so I can not share it for your consultation.
It crashes for any file I work with, plus or less, depending of file “light” or “heavy”.

Send it via PM to @DaveR . He is a trusted source for info and will respect the copyright.

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