Layout 2016 keeps locking up

Hi everyone,

I recently updated to 2016 pro 64bit (windows 7), and I keep having problems with layout locking up while loading the .skp. In other words Layout opens, it loads templates and I can usually add content with out issue. But if I open a file that already has content in it layout freezes up. If I try “send to Layout” from sketchup, Layout opens I can select my template and then it freezes. Restarting my computer usually “fixes” the issue… until I need to open another project. Come to think of it ever since updating to 2016 I can only have one project open in Sketchup at a time, it’s a pain when the boss wants to know some measurement from a project other then the one I’m currently working on.

Has anyone else had any issues similar to mine?

Thanks Brandon

We have just bought a Sketch Up Pro 2016 license.
I am having problems with sending models to Layout
Layout will open and let me select a template immediately, both SketchUp & Layout crash with a message telling me that my graphics driver has unloaded it self and reloaded it self. Meanwhile both SketchUp & Layout stay crashed. I have restarted my computer every time with no success when retrying the operation. I have tried with complex models, empty models, basic models with the same results.
I had previously worked in SketchUp Pro 2013 & Layout in Windows 7 & Mac with no problems at all.
I see that there have been others with a similar problem with the 2016 release.
Please help - Thanks


Thanks for chiming in Ben, its good to know I’m not the only one having trouble. I’m currently downloading the newest Nvidia drivers hoping that solves it, if it does i’ll post up if so.