Layout 2022 will not open

I just recently purchased SketchUp Pro 2022 during Black Friday (thinking all of the yearly bugs should be fixed by now). I’ve been using SketchUp Pro since 2009 with version 7, this is a first that after purchasing SketchUp Layout is the problem… Layout is never the problem! Anyways, it would appear that after loading my model in SketchUp I can’t send it to Layout or open Layout even by it self. I keep getting an error message saying…

I am an awesome Architectural Drafter but I am really bad at deciphering Temp file codes.
Please some one help me!

Close SketchUp, find the downloaded SketchUp installer, right click on it, choose Run as administrator. When prompted, click on Repair. Let the repair complete and then restart your computer. Then open SketchUp and a model file and try to send it to LayOut. Any change in behavior?

working step one… stand by –

That was really fast, ok now on to step two. I have to close down everything in order to restart. If it works that I will text back on the forum to you DaveR. Please Stand by –

No, I still got a bug report and Layout still won’t open!

Thanks for sending in the many bugsplats. I can’t quite tell what the problem is, but it seems to be to do with tools being loaded.

It’s the end of our work day, but hopefully @Adam will have ideas when he sees this.

id=14946 is one example bugsplat.

Thank you Colin’s for your help. I forgot to mention that the crash # is 14952 if that helps. Maybe tomorrow.

Thanks. The number I gave is another one of yours.

Ok, would you be so kind as to explain ID # 14946 or 14952? and help me to get Layout working.

Sorry Colin’s I was out for about 3 weeks because I had a death in the family. Here is a crazy thought… Since I purchased SketchUp Pro 22 during the black Friday Deals and we all know that The Pro version is only half of the version without Layout, Will Trimble honor my purchase and send me the latest Pro Version of 2023 since we can’t figure out as to why Layout keeps crashing when I open the program up?

Does LayOut 2021 continue to work ok for you? If you uninstalled 2021 and need to reinstall it, there is problem in the 2021 installer that makes it fail if there is a later version. You would need to uninstall 2022, then install 2021, which you can get from here:

As there isn’t a 2023 version, the best option for now would be to ask for a refund for the purchase of 2022. You can do that with this form:

Normally you have 14 days to ask for a refund, but you can explain why you were delayed.

I had another thought, which I will send in a separate message to you.

Pro 21 works perfectly, Pro 22 is the problem - without my paper space (Layout) I can’t run a Drafting Business. As for the refund deliberation… if it was so easy to ask for one I would have already done than. No, I am looking for a solution. I want the Pro 22 to work. You had mentioned another thought, I’m listening…

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