Layout 2022 Will Not Start

I am running Sketchup Pro 2022. When I try to start Layout either from Sketchup for by itself it initially tries to start but then the process dies. I have run Sketchup Checkup and it says my system is fine. I have upgraded my video card to above the required specs. There is no bugsplat error generated. Need help as to what else to check.

Try repairing the installation of SketchUp and LayOut. Find the downloaded installer or get it from Download All | SketchUp Right click on the installer, choose Run as administrator, and when the option comes up, choose Repair.

Did what you suggested. Layout still dies after a few seconds of trying to start.

Do you have a previous version of Layout installed and if so will that version start?

Yes, and the same thing happens to it.

This just started recently? Both LayOut 2022 and the earlier version have worked before?

Try updating the graphics drivers directly from the manufacturer of the graphics card.

Layout 2020 worked before but will not work now. I have updated the drivers for my graphics card but still the same problem.

Did LayOut 2022 ever start up?

Have you done a power off reboot?

It has never worked. Yes I have done a power off reboot.

Hi jsokolowski, LayOut on Windows only allows for one instance of LayOut to be open at a time. What you are seeing could be that an old instance (maybe from a previous crash) is still running in the background. Older versions of LayOut could sometimes leave an instance open when LayOut would crash.

Open Windows Task Manager (ctrl+alt+delete then select Task Manager)
Scroll though the list and see if you see LayOut running anywhere, if so end that task.


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There were no other instances of LayOut running on my machine.


You might check to see if there are any sketchup_webhelper.exe’s running as well (LayOut uses these as well).
Close SketchUp then go back into Task Manager. If there are any of the webhelpers running end task on them.
Then try to launch LayOut.