Install 2020.2

Trying to install 2020.2. Install notification to close Layout in order to proceed. Layout is not open and will not open from startup. I can not open layout files that were created with Layout 2020 from the current version

Try powering off your computer and then restarting it before installing. When you install make sure you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator.

I still get the notification: Please close the following applications to continue. Layout
Layout is not open.

What processes are running in Task Manager?

Screenshot 2020-11-16 122639

Try quitting the Setup Suite Launcher.

That is my install for Sketchup.

Click on the More details link in Task Manager window. Scroll through the very long list of processes, and look for any that have ‘layout’ in the name. There has been an issue where the installer thinks that anything with layout in the name must be LayOut, so check for any processes that happen to have ‘layout’ as part of its name.

Found Layout was way down on the list and closed it. Thanks

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Did you catch exactly what it was you were closing?

For some reason, it was the Layout program itself. I tried opening it and it never opened on my screen. Could be something to do with the remote access issues we have been having. The download was successful and Layout has even opened in view.

That’s new information.

Well, it’s sorted now.

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