SketchUp 2020 installation - LayOut is open

I cant open layout, when I try i am sent to 2020 version of sketch up download site however when I attempt to download the programme I get to the last dialogue box and it wont complete as its says ‘‘I have layout open’’ which I haven’t as it wont open in 2019 anyway! I have no tabs open for sketch up either?Therefore unable to complete the sketch up wizard and download the 2020 version?Any ideas.

You can try restarting the computer. Maybe something is running in the background.

Which OS? Your profile states 64-bit operating system, but is not specific as to which?

I know a bit about this.

Type ctrl-shift-esc, that will bring up Task Manager. Choose More Details from the lower left. Scroll slowly through the alphabetical list of processes.

Look for anything that contains either ‘sketchup’ or ‘layout’. Select those items and click End Task. When you think you got them all, click Next in the installer.

One issue we know of, that hopefully will be fixed in the next update to the installer, is that a process called CanvasLayout will be enough to stop the installer. Even a process such as ILeftMySketchUpstairs.exe would defeat the installer.

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I have seen cases where a LayOut process had been orphaned somehow, and even a restart wouldn’t get rid of it. A full shutdown might, but doing an End Task is quicker.

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