Su pro 2021 update stuck

I download the new update for SU 2021 PRO and is Stuck ask me to close SU, witch is already close and keep stay there preventing to move forward. What is going on? is a bug?

Any help? Thanks.!


Is LayOut open? If so, close it, too.

Probably some process hanging up. Option1 Ctrl+Alt+Delete>Task Manager. Look for any running SketchUp related processes. Right click on them and choose End task.

Option2: Reboot your computer, download the new installer from, right click on it, choose Run as administrator.

One of Dave’s tips is going to solve the problem. For your interest, Ctrl-Shift-Esc is a faster way to get Task Manager open, and when you have it open click on the More Details link. The culprits are likely to be sketchup_webhelper entries, lower down in the long list of processes.

Similar to @DaveR suggestions;

When I installed maintenance update 2021.0.1, all my applications were closed before beginning the process, however the installer could not proceed (I guessed because of a still running background program).

I canceled the process, Restarted Windows, and then successfully ran the SU installer (per Dave’s instructions), installing SU update successfully.

Excellent, I made it. thank you for all your answers. I close all, restart and all good.