SU not opening after Windows update

I did a Windows update on my computer, now SU/ Layout will not open. A Layout helper file is not available. I have uninstalled SU but get the same response when trying to reinstall. can anyone help me here? Urgent please…

This is with SketchUp 2020? Did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator?

This is SU 2021 21.1.332 (Trying to update my profile, but haven’t suceeded yet) Yes have chosen Run as administrator, Thanks DaveR for your quick response as always - do you ever sleep?

Click on the A in the colored circle in the upper right corner of the forum page, then the person icon, followed by Preferences. Should be pretty clear from there.

Based on that message, you could get common_signinhelper.dll from a number of sources and stick it in that folder.

You’re welcome. I don’t sleep much but it’s not quite 15:30 here now so I ought to be awake. :wink:

" and stick it in that folder."

Which folder is that folder?

The one indicated in the error message.

I uninstalled SU 2021, so I can no longer access the folder.
I installed it in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ as directed by a website and on trying to reinstall SU 21 I get this…
File deleted

What if you put it in the folder that was indicated in the error message since that’s where it is being looked for? Like this:

su 2021
This folder has disappeared from my computer since I
uninstalled SU 2021 and I can,t seem to reinstall it.

Success !!! I have managed to reinstall SU 2021 and it is all go again. Thank you DaveR for your kind help, very much appreciated. Hope you sleep well tonight.
Its 12. 05 pm here (NZ) so I have a few hours to go yet.

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Never download DLL files from 3rd party untrustworthy websites.
What you downloaded had a malicious payload in it.

OK, thanks for the tip, I was desperate to get SU up and running again, I use it all day almost every day, can’t do without it. Where would you suggest getting the files from if there is a next time I need them?

You need to get them from the original source. (Bad actors take advantage of your desperation.)

The 1st thing to try is rerunning the SketchUp installer and do a Repair.

2nd: Sometimes you can open the msi files that the InstallShield installer unzips with a utility like PKZip or 7-Zip (what I use.) And get the file from the archive. This is much more involved and you’d need to look up the documentation for the msiexec utility.