Can't install Sketchup2020 because of "close Layout" prompt during installer

During the setup installer , it requests to close Layout even though no programs are running. It then continues to prompt to no effect.
Sketchup will also not uninstall manually.

Try shutting down and restarting the computer. After it’s rebooted, find the downloaded installer, right click on it, and choose Run as administrator.

There might be an app running unrelated to Trimble’s SketchUp with ‘layout’ in it’s name. Try to see if you can spot it in the taskmanager.

Both Dave and Mike are right, though I have had a case where a ‘layout’ process survived a restart, but note that Dave is suggesting a shutdown. It shouldn’t survive that.

I had a case on the lines that Mike talks about, could have been a year ago now, where the customer had a utility named Carousel Layout, or something on those lines, and that was enough to stop the installer from working. It is a reported bug, and I hope be fixed some day.

If you’re curious to know what application was running that seemed like it is LayOut, type Ctrl-Shift-Esc, to bring up Task Manager. Click on the More Details in the lower left, and slowly scroll through the very long alphabetical list of processes. Do an End Task on any that have the word SketchUp or LayOut in them. The most common ones to hang around are called sketchup_webhelper.exe, or one that is just called layout. Of course, don’t End Task the installer itself!

After ending those ones you can come back and click the Next button. If it still complains, there is something in that list that you missed. Note that there is a separate list for apps, background, and windows processes, so you will get three sets of alphabetical sort entries. Scroll through all of them.

Thanks for the help. A simple restart has done the trick.

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