Layout "opens" but nothing works

Two days ago everything was fine…working in Layout…all good.
Yesterday, Layout “loads”…and looks normal on the monitor…but nothing functions. None of the menu bar items works…even clicking the “X” at top right to close does not work.

Yesterday, using Explorer to select the existing layout file, it loaded but threw a message box saying something like “this version of layout is not licensed” (but it is…Sketchup Pro 2018 is paid for and licensed. SU itself works just fine.)

Today, I can’t even get layout to open via selecting the layout file. It gives me a dialog box asking how I want to open the file (indicating that it cannot find a matching software to run it).

I REALLY do not want to do a re-install of sketchup pro because it takes me a day to reload all extension, shortcuts and preferences and iron out any kinks.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m dead in the water.

Start by checking what SketchUp says about your license status. If it shows nothing or trial expired, you may have to enter the license info again. When the trial expires, Layout is disabled and will no longer run.

Then try a reinstall by right-clicking the installer exe and choosing “Run as Administrator” from the menu. When prompted, select “Repair”. If something has gone awry with the install, that should fix it. Your extensions, shortcuts and preferences are kept separate from the executables and will not be lost or damaged by the reinstall.

Hi blackdogSUP,
This sounds like it could be related to a toolbar or menu that is being displayed somewhere outside your visible screen and not visible for you to select.

We could start by clearing your preferences for LayOut by browsing to c:\Users(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\LayOut

Rename the LayOut folder to LayOut2

Relaunch LayOut and see if you can access it normally. - Please let me know if you are still having trouble

Also we have an issue with 2018 when trying to double-click to launch LayOut.
See this thread Double click file open - Layout 2018 BUG? - #5 by paolodanielli

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Thank you both for the info. Will try this as soon as my deadline passes. (ended up doing a pdf assembly in bluebeam as an endrun)

“Run as Administrator” simply opens the program without access to my network. There is no prompt to “Repair”. However, it DOES appear to function normally. Ie; responds to click on menu items.

Is that what you get when you right click on the downloaded Installer file and select Run as administrator?

No- I guess i just did it for the run file. Didn’t see the installer file.

That did it. Thank you!

Probably doesn’t matter now but the installer file would be the one you downloaded from the SketchUp site. Most likely in the Downloads folder unless you deleted it.

obvious. Should have known.