Layout opening issues

I am struggling to open my Layout currently. I work in the events industry and use Sketchup for basic set design etc and then send to layout for templates. It has been working fine up until last week. Sketchup is still working fine. I tried to repair the files using the sketchup download file and when that didn’t work, I re-installed the whole program but it still isn’t working. I am using it on a windows 10 machine. I have attached the message that ppops up when i try and open any help would be amazing

When you reinstalled SketchUp did you right click on the installer and use Run as administrator?

Hi Dave,

have installed as admin and still no joy.

Are you running an antivirus program? If so, try adding LayOut to the list of allowed applications in the antivirus - perhaps it’s interfering.

LayOut uses a framework that SketchUp does not, called Microsoft .NET 4.5. You could try repairing/reinstalling this framework.

There’s a slight possibility that one of the files LayOut uses to remember window positions is corrupt - you can try deleting these files but be warned that the LayOut UI will reset to the default state if you do so. These files have the extension “.PLO” and they can be found in C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp 2017\LayOut, where “YourUserName” is obviously your user name.


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