Layout 2015 not opening after moving to Windows10

My Sketch Up and Layout worked fine until , I think, I migrated to Windows 10. Since then I noticed that Layout drawings want to open in Adobe Premier (never use this program otherwise). I managed to work around it, but when I uninstalled my trial version of Sketch 2017 yesterday, no Layout opens and I cannot export a drawing from Sketch Up into Layout at all. Any clue what to do?

Did you install SketchUp [whatever the version] properly ?

Try this fix.
Close SketchUp.
Find its installer exe file’s icon - probably in your Downloads folder.
Select it, right-click > context-menu > "Run as administrator"
When prompted, choose “Repair”.

Restart SketchUp any improvement ?

If you install SketchUp in any other way - e.g. double-clicking the exe file whilst having admin powers - is NOT sufficient.

An improper installation can produce all kinds of unpredictable and flaky issues…

I had my IT person do the migrating. I have actually just uninstalled my 2015 version and started again. the new download didn’t even need my Licence number. So far all good. At least I got my drawing out.

Hi Tig,

Any explanation why we must install your suggested way? is it W10? is it SU 2017?


This has been around since at least win7. Knowing how often they update the help files I would suggest this is still relevant for win15.
Here is a snip from the official how to install help page.


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