Layout 2020 and 2021 is crashing

My SketchUp models are crashing in Layout 2020 and 2021. Tried it on two different computers without luck. Anyone having issues? I am using Enscape 2.9. Does this have anything to do with the bug. I



Could you share one of the SketchUp files that crashes so we can try it and see if we have any problems?

How are you sending them?

By the way, you should come to the forum directly and edit your posts to remove your signature which includes your phone numbers. Public forums are a good place for bots to harvest phone numbers. It’s also against forum guidelines to put that stuff in public posts.

Shoot. I did not realize that. I will delete my info.



I sent them via Sharefile. Please let me know if you received them.


There is no link to your file in any of your replies.

Tried sending it through this page but no go. I even zipped it. I ended up sending through E mail. Dave via SketchUp Forum

Let me know if you got it. I am assuming too much geometry as I have everything on and failed to shut off lighting, furniture and other elements. let me know if you received it and what the prognosis is.



Unfortunately you can’t send it by e-mail to a discourse forum. Upload the file to Drop Box and share the link in a reply here.

OK will give it a shot.

I’ve had similar issues after moving to v2021. Ended up going back to SKP + Layout 2020. :frowning:

My co-worker is having this problem now with Enscape and SU2021. He can’t get any models to open as of this morning.

So what has changed on his computer since the last time he used it?