Latest SketchUp Release and Enscape

I just downloaded the latest version of SketchUp and it immediately made Enscape crash repeatedly. I’m trying to get info from Enscapealso but their forum is currently down.

I’m in the middle of a deadline, so just wanted to revert to the last version of Sketchup for now. Can you tell me where I can find it on your site?


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It’s on the downloads page in your accounts portal -

Unless you have removed SketchUp 2022 from your machine, it will still be installed.

So, the last version of SketchUp that I was using without issues was 2023…just before this new release. That’s the version that I’d like to recover. When I look at my account portal, it just shows the current 2023 version and the previous 2022 version. Is there a way to download the previous 2023 version? I’m recording this for classroom use, so want to keep the interface the same as students are using.

I don’t think it’s possible to get the previous version of 2023. Maybe I’m wrong, probably some sketchup team member could confirm or deny it. I have installed the latest sketchup version and enscape, I have no issues with it, have you tried reinstalling sketchup and enscape again.

I don’t have one to hand

There aren’t any issues specific to 2023.1 and enscape I’m aware of.

Is enscape up to date? There have been updates for that since 2023.1 came out.

Okay…I’ll let Enscape take a look at my log files and see if they can figure it out. Thanks anyway!