When will Enscape be compatible with SketchUp Pro 2022?

The latest release for Enscape only works for 2021; does anyone know when it will work with 2022, or if there is a workaround for this? Thanks!

You might want to ask the Enscape folks. They’d surely know better than people who don’t work for them.

I have asked; their response is “it’s coming”. My reason for posting in this forum is to see if anyone has additional information OR has a workaround for the situation. As it is, I have to switch between 2021 and 2022, each time risking the loss of information as the model is translated from one version to the other. Also, I am an educator, so I’m trying to convey knowledge to a multitude of people, not just myself.

Understood but it’s unlikely that other SketchUp users are going to have release information when the customer support folks at Enscape haven’t got it or can’t tell you.

All it takes is 1 person who’s in the know. Besides, what do I have to lose? If I get no information, then I’m no worse off than I was an hour ago. I got at least 1 person to talk! Lol
Cheers @DaveR

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Yeah. Nothing to lose. That’s for sure. :wink:



2021 will open 2022 files, no translation needed.

That’s not exactly true. SketchUp itself announces that “information may be lost” when opening a model that was created in 2022 in SketchUp 2021. I’ve not seen anything act differently, but SketchUp is, in fact, translating the model.

No. The model format is the same. It just ignores features that were introduced in 2022.


… but if you look at the release notes, you’ll see see that most all the new features are tool improvements, and fixes for corrupt models.

In SU2022, open the Save As command dialog and pull down the filetype list and you will see that there is no 2021 version, just the latest version.

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It must be fairly close, As I’ve seen them advertising 3.3 on Linkedin.

In the meanwhile, if you can handle the potential for bugs and glitches, you could try the preview version, which you can download here.

I’d backup any files you work before you start using it - It won’t be production ready and might be able to cause issues.

Enscape™ Preview Version History - Enscape (enscape3d.com)

The part about “ignores features that were introduced in 2022” is exactly what @mjdivino is concerned about when they wrote:

Don’t be distracted by use of the word “translated”. Let’s use the word “parsed” or “interpreted” to perhaps have fewer connotations.

Enscape 3.3 for Sketchup 2022 is now available to download


Thanks everyone - getting Enscape 3.3 now and will report back as to its compatibility with SU Pro 2022!

The latest version which supports SU2022 has been released. I have been using it and it works.

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