Sketch up 2023 Issues

Is anyone else having numerous issues with the 2023 release?
Firstly I cant sign in, have on one machine (laptop) but desktop says too many authorizations - I have deauthorized in the account management but issue still persists - I have now created another account to use the 30 day free trial until someone can help.
Secondly Model sent to layout when i select to edit back in sketch up sketch up crashes. EVERYTIME
Thirdly - mid modelling I get signed out and cant open layout even though sketch up open.
Will finish my current project in 2023 and the back to 2022 for me…

Apparently this is progress right ? I cant help but feel 2022 and 2023 have made a good program worse!


2023 seemed to be ok but more and more bugs pop up. I used it a week and it seemed ok so I deleted 2022. now im sorry I did and its a pain to reinstall and setup 2022. Some issues. when assigning a tag the entity info pull down now is a very small box in the middle of the tool bar. Files created in 22 have issues and recreating geometry is a fight. an example a wall in a continuous exterior wall became “skewed” no longer flat. I straightened it up and it let me push pull two of three windows but wouldn’t let the third no matter what. I tried everything. Exploded the group, deleted that wall. drew it separate. finally got it done then in layout the section cut wouldn’t render correctly in hybrid. This is a file ive posted several times over the past weeks while making revisions with the customer and now its ■■■■. Auto text labels got scrambled. GRRRR its been crazy.

Thanks for reporting the problems you’ve seen.

When you uninstall 2022 it doesn’t remove your license or your settings and plugins. You could get 2022 going again by running this installer:

I will ask colleagues to read what you wrote, to see if we can fix those things.

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If you are looking into issues, any chance you can have a look at my ‘big cursors’ issue?

Upgraded to 2023 - Lost my Extensions - SketchUp / Pro - SketchUp Community

I sorted the extensions thing, but this seems to have the community stumped…



I don’t have any immediate ideas. I will tag Trent in the other topic. He has better access to the developers for those features than I do.

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Update on 2023 bugs. Sketchup seems like it can get pissed off. It took two complete computer reboots but the problems cleared up. Not just close and restart SU I did that a few times. For some reason It takes a reboot. Also I did get a back up of the layout file I was working on the the primary file was just gone. Scared the ■■■■ out of me!!! I thought I would share to maybe help someone. Thanks Colin nice to know someone is listening.

Here is a little more info. Problems persist so im hoping this will help to identify problems to help fixes. Section cuts dont render (A) properly in layout. Un rendered areas usually mean a non solid but the wall is good as per solid inspector. Counter top (B) on scene render as part of the cut but it is three feet below the cut. tiny text box appears in tool bar when selecting Tag Pull Down in Entity Info. This bug comes and goes.

I only use Vector rendering in LayOut when I need to export to DWG. Otherwise I use Raster, with Output quality set to High and PDF export with no JPEG compression. Vector rendering has never been error-free and I am afraid it never will.

I haven’t experienced any problems so far specifically with section cuts - some weird random style problems, yes.

Are you able to share the file?

I would like to comment on a feature from sketchup 2022 which does not seem to work in 2023. When I pull down the tags selection dialogue box in the entity window within the outliner I am unable to search for my tag name by typing. This has been a hassle to scroll through the small pull down option box in order to find the tag I wish to apply. This has alway been my preferred approach to assigning tags to my components or groups. It is a disappointing setback with this update. Hopefully can get corrected.
As well, strangely, the functionality of my tab key is different. I use the tab key in conjunction with other key as a short cut and am finding the during my work flow the tab key seems to activate the main ribbon pull down options in a more aggressive way that before. I.e. I have alt+c as my select all connected edges & faces shortcut that i use all the time prior to hitting c, which is my short cut for creating a component. What is happening is, after in enter alt+c, the main ribbon is activated (with the underline under the main ribbon pull down options, like the f being underlined for file) and when i intuitively go to strike c, nothing happens. At which point I have to press tab again to deactivate the main ribbon pull down selection. Then I strike c to create the component. Very different than 2022 functionality and more key strikes, which I want to avoid…

I have also been noticing some quirky issues with “undo” I have had multiple instances in Layout 23 where I want to “undo” a move or resize and the program simply doesn’t respond to either the command cntrl Z or edit undo from the drop down menu. This has been very frustrating and I have had to close and reopen a project several times and lost progress. Obviously I am saving a lot more often now, but this was never an issue in layout 22…

If your asking me to share the file? paul.mcalenan Yes I can send you a link to a google drive folder where you could down load. send me an email

I am getting numerous random crashes in 2023 Studio, it can happen when changing scenes, or updating styles, it is getting very frustrating and non productive. I have ended up setting up an auto save every 5 mins. I keep sending the bug splat reports, but no solutions at this point.

Open to suggestions …

I’ve also experienced a bunch of crashes when I upgraded to 2023 Studio. That part seems to happen less and less after I checked for an update to my graphics card.

The biggest complaint at my workplace concerns layout. The dimensions don’t stay put. Just going forward a page, then going back to check something can mess up the alignment of dimensions.

For me, the content of the viewports move to a completely different area of the sheet. The dimensions move with it, but the viewport box didn’t move.

This really hurts efficiency. NEVER upgrade when you have a deadline to get drawings to your customer.

I already told you in your other thread what is causing the problem and you told me you would change your workflow. Your method of handling the viewports is the problem. If you avoid modifying the Camera in LO you won’t have the problem of labels and dimensions moving.

Yes, David. I know that. I was there.

I am trying to change the workflow because you made it sound like my old workflow which was working just fine in 2022 is the wrong way to do it.

Can you tell me why the standard view options are even there in layout if we are to never use them?

Update: I loaded the latest Version 2023.0.37?? whatever. Same problems still exist. Tags pull down in entity info sometimes is a tiny unreadable window in the tool bar (see above screen shot). Rendering problems with raster verses hybrid same as above, section cuts render non cut geometry as cut or non solid. I appreciate the work around suggestions but I need the line quality. I can do work arounds but shouldn’t have to. Going back to vector line work view ports overlayed over raster works but its not as good as a hybrid render. Plus it takes more time. Side note regarding time. Sketchup and layout renders are often slow. I detail a layout model in raster then reset each viewport to hybrid for proper output takes a lot of time. Working in hybrid takes a lot of time. Not dimensioning in vector makes for inaccurate drawing dimensions, Dimensions do not snap the same in raster. As I said comments about export settings are not needed. I know what im doing. We need rendering in Sketchup and Layout to get faster. I have a fast computer with a good graphics cars so its not that. This is not intended to be a complaint im just expressing my experience. I use Sketchup 60+ hours a week. If render times get better I might get some time off!

Same here, I can’t get large tool bar to place horizontal menu plan. toolbars won’t reset. all ruby scripts go crazy. Just a mess.

Layout used to be the best tool for generating a lot of drawings quickly and on a high level of quality. Now, SketchUp 2023 crashes when switching views which I have to workaround with zoom in/out before switching. But more frustrating is the fact when I update model in Layout everything gets moved around and misaligned. I lose all the work in Layout if I want to update my model. You killed the best option Layout had. Now it’s just slow and bad as other software

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