Sketchup and Layout repeatedly crashing

Hello, I have been experiencing sooo many crashes in the last few weeks. I downloaded the latest version and it stopped for a day but then started again. It doesn’t seem to matter which file I am working on, it will randomly crash, sometimes up to twice a minute. Obviously really annoying! I am working on a Mac, 2019, with the below settings. If anyone can help I would be very appreciative.

Do you have plug-ins installed? If yes, what happens if you uninstall them?

What sorts of operations or actions are in progress when the crashes happen? Do you get bug-splats? If so, it might not be worth sending them to Trimble for an older SketchUp version such as 2022 (I don’t know if they look at old splats) but splats would confirm a true crash (as opposed to a hang or other mis-behavior that some users describe as “crashes”).

Does that mean you are using version 2023?

If so I would go back to version 2022 until the latest version is reported as stable.

I would love to upgrade to 2023 but I read so many posts describing various issues that it seems prudent not to upgrade for now.

I’ve been using sketchup 2023 since it’s release and I haven’t had any issues, I have it installed on Mac and PC, both versions work perfectly.

I’ve been using 2023 with Windows 11 since it’s release.

I’ve experienced some issues but nothing that significantly affects my workflow and time.

Thanks for that Paul.

I seem to read about so many bugs, but the one I worry about the most is the one affecting the outliner which I use extensively,. Having said that, its very useful to hear you get on well with 2023. Do you use the outliner as well?

I will have to switch at some stage because the main plugin I use (Undet) usually only supports the current and previous version.

Cheers :+1:

Never used the outliner Kevin.

Just thinking off the top of my head, for what I do, my own custom scripts ( particularly one which enables me to quickly toggle individual tags and tag states on/off with shortcut keys ) and using Curic’s DIO2 – I guess the outliner has no benefit for me.

Without wishing to hijack this thread, I find the Tag v Outliner debate interesting. I’ve never used Tags (maybe I should check them out) because a lot of posters swear by them. From the screenshot below you see I just use groups & sub groups to organise and isolate all parts for detailing. You’ll be interested to know I’ve just finished this particular project in Cromer which cannot be too far away from you? :+1: :grinning: