Newest Version of SketchUp keeps crashing

ever since the latest update, my sketchup has crashed roughly 6 times. I am not doing any big projects, trying to complete something very simple and splat bug keeps coming up. please fix!!!

Are you submitting your Bug Splats?

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yes, every time

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I’m experiencing something similar.
Random crashes with completely fresh install of SketchUpPro-2023-1-341-117
No additional extensions added. Pretty basic geometry.
Crashes after anywhere form 2-10min of work.
Crashes even if I’m not dragging or moving anything.
Mac “beach balls” indefinitely and never comes up with a bud splat to report.
M2 Mac Pro 16GB RAM, Mac OS 13.6
Same result on my M1 Mac Pro 16GB RAM, Mac OS 13.6

Pulverizers v3.skp (355.5 KB)

Do you see the same thing in this file?
Pulverizers v3a.skp (320.5 KB)

Downloaded. I’ll give it a spin and see if I see the same issue. Thanks for the quick response!

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Seems to be stable! I’ll continue to use it and report back if it happens again.
Mind letting me know how you resolved it? I’m assuming there was a bad bit of geometry it didn’t like? Thanks again Dave! :hugs:

I purged some unused components and materials and edited the style to turn off Profiles.

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