Sketchup keeps crashing when trying to do tasks

I keep running into this problem where my sketchup will crash when I try to import or copy/paste models from other sketchup files, import images as a texture, and even when I try to make my own materials and apply them to my objects. I don’t think it’s my computer that has a problem since it’s not my computer crashing, but Sketchup keeps crashing and I get the little “bug” message that pops up and tells me that sketchup had a problem and had to close unexpectedly. Is anyone else getting this issue? I have the latest and greatest sketchup so I don’t feel like I should be running into this problem. Sometimes sketchup will crash on me 5+ times in one day if I try to any of the above tasks, and other days it’s fine. I’m not sure what’s wrong or what I might be doing wrong. Please help and advise!

Are you sending in those Bug Splat reports and including your e-mail address?

I started sending all my bug splat reports but so far I’ve had no response. Are they supposed to email me? I’ve sent probably about 7 bug splat reports now because my Sketchup has crashed that many times since I filed this blog.

Sending in the Bug Splat reports doesn’t mean you should expect to hear from them. If they want more info, you’ll probably get an e-mail.

But without the splat reports, they have no way of knowing about problems.

Since you are a pro user, you might attempt to contact Customer Support and see if they can get someone to look at the splats to give you an idea of where the problem is. maybe it’s an extension with an observer causing the problem or it could be something else.

How should we identify them as being yours? You can PM me the answer.

Hi Barry,

I don’t think I’m completely understanding what it is you would like me to do. Do you mean “identify” as in send you my name along with my email with the bug splat reports?


Anything I could recognize your crashes either in the email or comments. For example, if you used the words " @Marc is a piece of work and I wish he’d fix this crash", then I could search on that. Or if the domain of your email was, I could search for that. I searched for Sketchup4life and found nothing.

So, you mean like “@Barry help if you can” ?? Or do you mean type those in the bug splat reports? Sorry, I’m kind of new to this whole thing.

Oh I see, the email address for my bug splat reports is

Yup, that’d be fine.

Materials crashes, but some were Ruby plugin Observer crashes. Can you disable ruby plugins and retry?

I went into the Sketchup:Preferences:Extensions and found nothing in the extensions list by Ruby Plugins. Would you have any knowledge on where I would be able to find this application and disable it? Or is that just a matter of trying to find it somewhere on my computer?

Ruby Plugins are a synonym for Extensions. How many and what extensions do you have? Start by disabling all and seeing if you crash. Add those back, half at a time, until you see the crash again. Either get rid of that extension, or only turn it on, restart SketchUp, use, turn it off and restart SketchUp so it doesn’t mess you up.

If it’s one of them from Extension Warehouse, let me know and we’ll work with the developer.

The extensions I have are:

Advanced Camera Tools
Dynamic Components
Sandbox Tools
Poto Textures
CleanUp 3
TT_Lib 2
V-Ray for Sketchup

The CleanUp 3 and TT_Lib2 extensions were just added today so those can’t be the cause for the crashes since my Sketchup has been crashing before that.

Disable V-Ray and restart

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after removing Vray you may also need to remove he 80k lines of definitions it adds to every model…

there are threads on how-to…


I disabled all of the extensions that I’m not using and so far my sketchup is working faster. It’s hard to tell if it’ll crash again since it was never really very consistent or predictable, but we’ll see. Thank you all for your help!

Quick question though, I will eventually have to use Vray in Sketchup. Is there any way to use it and not have my Sketchup crash? (assuming it was the Vray extension that was the problem. I’m not sure which out of the list of extensions I have was the actual problem.)

Re-enable just V-ray to test. Though Advanced Camera Tools, Dynamic Components and Sandbox tools all came with SU and should be fine.

Keep gradually enabling plugins to find the culprit IF it wasn’t V-ray.

My Sketchup just crashed even though all of my extensions are turned off. So, even though my Sketchup works faster with the extensions turned off, it doesn’t seem to be the reason why my Sketchup crashes.

I will start “tagging” my bug splat reports as Sketchup4life so you can find them.

There’s a few crashes on this, and reading people’s comments it appears that it’s folks that are downloading from or opening the components browser, and often cleaning up a downloaded model, and undoing things. As a workaround, I’d try two things: 1. Download from 3dwarehouse browser instead of Components window, and 2. Closing the window when you’re done.