SketchUp crashing often

I recently installed SketchUp 2015 on a new Windows 8 computer. In the last few days, SketchUp has been crashing frequently (every 5 to 10 minutes when working on a model). I have some experience with SketchUp, but I would still classify myself as a beginner. As far as I am aware, I haven’t been doing the same thing to cause every crash. After searching for help with SketchUp crashes, I have already followed instructions for creating a new file, purging unused in the model, and made sure I have the most recent driver for my graphics card. I know that you will need more information about my Bugsplat reports. I am just not sure what information you will need. My Bugsplat reports are posting under a different email address than the one I used to join this forum. Please let me know what other information I need to post! Thanks in advance!

Hello @AlysonM Sorry you are experiencing problems. Do you have SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Make installed?

Can you attach the file that crashes? Is it different files or the same file that crashes?

I just Private Messaged you asking you to send me the email you used when you submitted your bug splat. Thank you,

Hi Alyson-

I found your bug reports by searching on your first name. (For other SketchUp-ers, start with report #77738). You’re not the only one getting this crash. The crash appears to be in the Windows menu system, so it’s not immediately obvious to me how to fix it - but I’m only the Mac specialist! I’ve asked a few other team members to take a look at it, and I’ll report back if we figure out what’s happening.

Thanks for reporting the crashes, and thanks for putting your email address on them so I could find them.

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Sorry it took so long to reply, I was away from my computer.

It has been happening when I work on more than one file, but this is the one I have been working with the most in the past couple of days.
new treehouse set.skp (240.3 KB)

Hi Alyson-

I was able to open your file, and I haven’t seen a crash yet but I’ll leave it open for a while with the hopes that it crashes for me.

This type of crash is difficult to fix, because it seems to happen very often for some users and never at all for other users. Until someone here in the SketchUp office manages to reproduce the problem, we don’t have much to work with to fix it. This issue is definitely on our radar and we’re doing our best to figure out what’s happening.


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i opened as well with no problems. I have experiance the crash like you say with out warning but it usually happens with 3d whse open

@Marc unfortunately I found an easy way to crash my SU in my pc. if you can replicate it, It might help you fix the problem. here is what I did. I click pen and start drawing a line.While I am drawing a line, I press shift key, then "Crash Report #15060 Sorry you just crashed! " pops up. It happens many times (Crash Report #15054,#15053 are few of them). The reason why I press and hold Shift is to keep the line on x axis. However, If I hold shift before I start drawing, SU works fine. It is my 1st day of using SU or any such tool, so I am not sure if the crash is due to SU bug or Windows 10 or (me;-). thanks.

Do not hold the SHIFT key down. It is a toggle key. Tap it once, to lock the current inference, tap the key again to release the inference.

The 3 axis are in the standard set of inferences. But you can force toggle a specific axis inference lock if you have SketchUp 2016 or higher. Tap the :arrow_forward: key once to lock the line to the red (X) axis. (Tap it again to unlock it.)

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