Bug Splat 2014 Pro


SketchUp 2014 on my MAC Book Pro keeps Crashing and Bug Splat


Which of these information do you think will help us to help you?


• which OSX version?
• Plugins/Extensions installed?


I have the same problem.
using OS X 10.9.5.
now I’m using a free version of Sketchup. Sketch up Make .


but the problem continues

Sometimes don't open simple files . or close fast

Hold the shift key while clicking on SketchUp to launch without opening previous documents. Open up Console.app, filter on SketchUp and see why it’s crashing in that log. Are you getting Bugsplats, and if so, are you submitting them and if so, under what name?


agora eu estou recebendo este tipo de aviso .
o meu sketch parou totalmente .


Now I am getting this type of notification.
my sketch totally stopped.


but I sent many bugsplats earlier, my name is Ana Paula Magarão

My email anapaulaarte@yahoo.com.br


OK, thanks. I found your crashes, compared them, and it has something to do with materials in your model. We bumped into a user a few months back who had this exact crash, under the rush of a deadline. Fasted solution for him was to open a new blank model, copy everything from the old model into the new model.

Again, to launch SketchUp on Mac without opening any crashing documents, double click on SketchUp while holding down the shift key.

(You are getting a second crash stack that is also graphics card related, but I’m hoping this will get you fixed quickly).



I’ve tried with different models and could not. crashes before
This week I went to Apple Support to test the video card. they said that’s okey .
:frowning: i don’t no what to do anymore !


I still can not work with my sketchup. Already tried using my models in other MACs and the same thing happens: Crash!
I tried on a PC and it worked normally. what’s the difference?


I find splats generally happen when you’re trying to do too much at once.
My system is very powerful, even it can just crash without warning.

Things everyone should keep in mind when working in sketchup:

  • Save often
  • Use components, especially when the scene is populated with like items
  • Use proxies (render solution specific)
  • Manage your work via Outliner
  • Have patience

Good luck.


  • Model Info > Statistics > purge unused / fix problems.
  • Materials Panel > In Model > Details > Purge Unused / Delete any unused textures manually.


Above, I suggested:

“Fastest solution for him was to open a new blank model, copy everything from the old model into the new model.”

Did you do that. Did you check your materials?