2023 Crashing

Hi All,
I have a problem with my 2023 continually crashing. I have saved back a release and opened in 2022 with no problems at all, however, when i work the model in 2023 it continually crashes. It can’t be a graphics card or the specifications of my PC because there aren’t any concerns with previous releases. This has only happened when i have loaded on 2023 and commenced using it in the last week, a decision I regret because I remember reading in the forum people not happen with this latest release.
Trimble? are you getting complacent or is there a valid reason for this poor release?
Do i have to return to 2022

I’d recommend you update your graphic card drivers as there are always differences with each newer version that can require different things from the graphic card.
Also make sure you installed 2023 using the Run as Admin option from the context menu of the install.exe This helps with possible security and permissions issues that can cause strange problems. You can use this method to ‘Repair’ your installation without having to Uninstall. Just shut down all Sketchup and layout, find the install.exe, probably in your downloads folder, select, right click and choose Run as Admin, follow the prompts and choose repair. This won’t effect any extension or other settings.

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Thanks Box. I will give this a go

Is anyone having trouble with sketch up after the recent Mac update?

Can’t use the program for more than 5-10 minutes. keeps crashing when I select the B Key especially. Losing hours of work due to it

Sketchup 2023 doesn’t have support for the latest MacOS, there are a lot of people having random crashes with Sonoma, the best would be to go back to Ventura which is supported until sketchup 2024 is released.

Thank you. downloading now

Someone else also reported crashing when using the Colors palette, and they too just updated to 14.3. I replied to their post with some ideas, but then soon after I went back to look at a different issue, and it may be the issue I am seeing that you are getting as well.

For me, I get a crash if I resize the Colors palette. See if you also get a crash when doing that, and if you don’t get crashes if you leave the size alone.

Yes I am having the same issue. If I press the home button in the colours palette the whole programme shuts down

Same here, Sketchup (23.1.341) crashes when switching color libraries (tile > wood for example) en BAM gone. Very annoying. i had ~20 crashes just today I’m on Ventura 13.6.1 so NOT just Sonoma.

Same here, Sketchup (23.1.341) crashes when switching color libraries (tile > wood for example) en BAM gone. Very annoying. i had ~20 crashes just today I’m on Ventura 13.6.1 so NOT just Sonoma.

Yep… I’m crashing more than I’m working. This thread originated in July and this is still an issue? I’m so frustrated. And it seems to be anything to do with colours/textures. It’s not consistently the same thing that crashes the program.

Mine is crashing when dealing with the color/textures as well. Are there any known fixes for this yet? I can’t finish the last part of my bid set because of this. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

you are 5 people in this thread having the issue, over the whole population of the forum. maybe 10-15 overall on the forum ?

so if it’s a bug, it’s one that hits only a very small sample of users.

And a bug that we can’t reproduce is a bug that is hard to fix. plus, there is also the risk that you changed a parameter somewhere in mac os, and neither you nor us knows what.

By the way, Stephen, Ginja, a complete profile can help us help you. Genevieve’s profile mention she’s using Sonoma, your profiles are vague. Os version matters.

edit :

for those on sonoma, apparently the apple’s last update broke stuff.

If you’re assuming this forum is a good representation of how many people are having this issue, then yeah, you’re right. But anecdotally I’ve been having issues for months and only just found my way here. I spoke with tech support and it’s a known issue that Sonoma and Sketchup 2023 don’t get along. They’re working on it but there’s no stated timeline because they are a publicly traded company and cannot make those kinds of estimates as a result. I have to assume there are lots of Mac users who are running into issues and either read up on it enough to know to switch back to Ventura or switched to a PC for the time being.

Regardless, tech support was incredibly helpful and responsive and I’m genuinely impressed with how easy it was to get honest answers.

I think that not all users go to forums and post errors.

I’m having exact issue using M1 on Ventura 13.6.1, on another machine with Monterey and Intel chip doesnt have problem. But cannot upgrade to Sonoma because see that have others bugs. So WTF need to do? Buy a Windows machine?

sketch 23 is crashing when i touch the materials palette, since updating to Mac OS Sonoma 14.3. unable to adjust textures or switch between libraries, even on a blank template.

@colin Any news on the “Color-gate” situation? It’s becoming a bit difficult to work. SU22 color picker also crashes every time, so going one version back does not work.

I would really rather not install an older version of MacOS, just for these last few weeks before SU24. But I guess the changes in the latest Sonoma update broke the upcoming SU24 as well :slight_smile: