2023 Crashing

Hi All,
I have a problem with my 2023 continually crashing. I have saved back a release and opened in 2022 with no problems at all, however, when i work the model in 2023 it continually crashes. It can’t be a graphics card or the specifications of my PC because there aren’t any concerns with previous releases. This has only happened when i have loaded on 2023 and commenced using it in the last week, a decision I regret because I remember reading in the forum people not happen with this latest release.
Trimble? are you getting complacent or is there a valid reason for this poor release?
Do i have to return to 2022

I’d recommend you update your graphic card drivers as there are always differences with each newer version that can require different things from the graphic card.
Also make sure you installed 2023 using the Run as Admin option from the context menu of the install.exe This helps with possible security and permissions issues that can cause strange problems. You can use this method to ‘Repair’ your installation without having to Uninstall. Just shut down all Sketchup and layout, find the install.exe, probably in your downloads folder, select, right click and choose Run as Admin, follow the prompts and choose repair. This won’t effect any extension or other settings.

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Thanks Box. I will give this a go