Layout 24.0.553 crash when updating skp model

I did yesterday the update to 24.0.553 and Layout don’t work properly.
in one of my files, Layout crash when I upload the model. I’m working on 2023 for this file.
also a minor problem, dash lines in Sketchup tags are not shown at the right scale in Layout (but the PDF export is ok).

my question : is it possible to get back to the previous version of SU 2024 untill the bug is fixed ?

Normally, I install the newest version while keeping the former one…
I have the same problem with the 2024 Layout, I use a lot files from 2023, and all the time it crashes, so makes no sense for me to use 2024 version!!!
Sketchup is a mess in updates, new version often with just a few minor new features, but more bugs! I would really appreciate to use the ambient occlusion feature, but the rest is not a big improvement, so just install the 2023 version if deinstalled, you can keep the 2024 on your computer…

hi mkluth70,

finally I’ve succeeded to use 2024 version ! the crash probleme was happening with some scenes in some pages of my document. there was something not working well with some scenes that I have identified spliting my document in parts and updating pages group by pages group. once a crashing page was identified I noticed that the bug came from the scene. If I toggle the scene with an other I could make the update, but after the update I still could’nt use the scene going back to it because it crashes when exporting to PDF. It only happens with scenes with sections. so I had to recreate the bad scenes starting from crash, I mean, deleting the old section plane and creating a new one with a new scene. I’ve tried to make a new section plane, copying one existant in the drawing. it don’t works. my layout document was about 50 pages. it takes me a day to repair my document and my model, but now everything is working fine. It’s the only bad experience I enconter. I’m working on another project that I started with 2023 and that don’t crashes.
I hope this can give you a lead to resolve you’re bug.
and I think that Layout is more easy to use in 2024 version. you should try to resolve you’re bug so you can use 2024.