SketchUp Training "LayOut Design Package" skp file crashes SU Pro

I just downloaded the SketchUp School “LayOut Design Package” with the “Garage Studio_Combined.skp” file & opened in up in SU Pro to check it out & it has crashed SU both times!
Anyone else had issues with this file?
I opened the LayOut file as well & there’s a few files linked to it that don’t seem to be included in the downloaded folder so not sure what’s going on there. Seems to work okay though, so all good on that front, but the skp file seems to have some issues. I did save it as a SU23 version & renamed it accordingly so maybe it didn’t like that? Or, would you have to have both the .skp file & the .layout file open at the same time or something. Is is that skp file provided corrupted or something?

Did you extract the files before opening them? Open before renaming and saving?

You don’t have to have both files open.

The files opened for me so they probably aren’t corrupt.

@3DxJFD extracted before opening. Then saved & renamed as SU23 file. I actually deleted the saved file I made (that kept crashing) & have the original open now, but haven’t saved it as a new file yet.
I’ll try resaving it as a SU23 version now & see if it bugsplats again & keep you posted.

When I have this issue I usually copy the entire model, open a new file and save it there, that has solved this problem, you’ll have to add the scenes that were on the original file and re link it from layout. If you don’t know how to use the programs this isn’t a good option, cause you’ll have to work on layout to place the models inside the viewports correctly since creating new scenes will change the position of the model.

Seems to be working okay now. Got both SU & LayOut files open which I’ve saved as SU23 versions but didn’t rename them this time. Also did a windows restart which may have helped. Watching the tutorial video at the same time & no issues so far, so hopefully it’s fixed itself…wait and see.
I just created my tag folders the same as on the video & moved the relevant tags into them.
Shame he’s doing the tutorial on a Mac but you get that on the big jobs…lol.

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It doesn’t matter the OS for modeling, it works the same way on both platforms, the UI is a bit different and the preferences are on a different menu bar, but everything else is the same. I know it cause I work on both platforms.

Well…SU just crashed again…another bugsplat on that file sent. I just started video #4 & changed from the Working_Exist to Working_Prop scene when it crashed.
LayOut file is still open, but haven’t been doing anything in it so not really testing it…yet.
Racking up the Bugsplat reports today!!! I’m about ready to give up on this file…giving me the shits to be honest.