Stability issues between Sketchup and Layout

Hi All,
I’m having some issues with connectivity/ stability between Sketchup and Layout, and wanted to see if I’m alone in this.

I’ve been working on a very complicated house design using Sketchup, wouldn’t want to do it any other way. Collaboration with other trades has been ok, and my client loves getting model files he can walk thru, and see from any angle. But…

I am very frustrated by the linking and constant unlinking of the layout drawings to my model. Every day is a new adventure in this regard. It’s especially concerning(cost wise) when I think a layout set is perfect, send to the printer, only to see that their plotter reads a pdf set a bit differently than what I see on my computer screen. Not sure if this is normal?

Another thing, and this is related to the above issue, is scene saving. I feel that even tho saved, my scenes saved in Sketchup are not reliable. Sometimes they are rendered in layout completely different, from day to day, and I think this might be due to linking issue.

I’ve been using Sketchup for 4 or 5 years now, and feel I have pretty good grasp on how to use it, but I could be missing something.

Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


The scenes you alter in SU have to be updated in their tabs to save them and then the whole file has to saved otherwise Layout will not update those changes.
In layout, the SU model reference has to be updated to be sure those changes in SU are reflected in layout.
Context click on the model panel in Layout to update the scene, or go to document set up and make sure the SKP file is up to date and so is the one being referenced. Then the two should be in sync.
An exception to this ( and this comes up a lot ) is if the SU window in layout has been double clicked and edited - (to change the view for example) in which case Layout shows (modified) in the scenes palette next to that scene. These modified scenes become orphans and are no longer updated with changes in the master SU file. While you may have reason to “modify” scenes in layout, note that they will not update! and so to keep it all updating globally it is better to make those scene changes in SU -update/save and layout will match them. This has often been an issue and there has been talk of being able to set a preference or have a warning pop up if modifying a scene in layout, or maybe even mark modified scenes in red as a reminder.


Hello whiterabbit, thanks for the response.

I’m aware of the procedure for saving scenes, and the file itself, then updating the viewport/s, as well as updating in document set up, or dbl clicking the viewport. The frustration comes from settings not remaining constant when saved. An example would be: this morning I opened the model file, and a section plane had been unactivated in a particular scene, thereby not showing the windows and doors on a floor plan.

Another example is the need to relink a sketchup model to the layout file in document settings, on a daily basis. I have 3 or 4 different sketchup models that are incorporated into single layout file, and sometimes they show as missing, or not present, meaning I have to relink, etc.

I would think that saving a file would lock the settings/ current conditions, either in a Sketcup model, or a layout file. In my case, it isn’t always the case.

One other thing new to me with the current version is the startup. It sometimes takes a long time, with Sketchup needing multiple force quits (“not responding” in force quit box), before firing on all cylinders.


This sounds like you have problems with the installation itself, possible permission issues. You might fix things by doing a repair of the install.
One of the most common reasons for strange behavior is not using the correct installation method. Find the install.exe, or download a new copy, then right click on it and choose Run as Administrator. Follow the prompts and select Repair when the option comes up.

Edit: Just noticed you are on Mac. So ignore that. But I do seem to remember the being some issues with High Sierra.

Thank you Mr Box. Could be me, but none of those options are available (on a mac). A new copy comes as a dmg, and only offers dragging the application to the application folder, right clicking doesn’t allow the Run as Admin. I installed a new copy, I guess time will tell.

Couple of things can go wrong in SketchUp:

  • When you save a scene, does it save all the properties? Be sure to have checked the properties that you need.
  • Scene saving does not saves the ‘way it looks’ . The Style that’s being used get’s saved, but not the Style itself! (Update the used Style and check SketchUp->Preferences->General->Warn of Style change when creating scenes.

Save the Model.

@whiterabbitdesigncompany already explained that you should not have modified the viewport in LayOut

I understand that saving a scene saves it’s properties. I don’t believe I mentioned styles, but isn’t a style “the way it looks”? Regardless, that hasn’t been my issue. My issue is the day to day saving of a Sketchup model and a linked Layout file, and how they sometimes become unlinked, and certain properties aren’t saved. Usually it’s the section planes and visible layering that is changed in some manner.

I am a relentless saver, and don’t really mind the double saving required by scenes, ie saving the scene, then the file. I work on 2 screens, with a model open on one and the corresponding Layout file open on another, so it’s fairly easy to see the when the two parts are working properly together, and when they aren’t. This is my day to day. It’s a beautiful thing when they are, and a frustration when they don’t. Sometimes restarting the machine helps, other times walking away is best.

Also, I never modify a viewport in Layout, right clicking the viewport allows me to update quickly, among other things, such as scaling, etc. I usually leave the viewport locked on it’s own layer.

Just an FYI:
Locked viewports will not update while locked

What Jack is saying, …I’ve had issues in the past where the scenes may not be configured to save certain properties, they have inadvertently become unchecked, maybe this has happened with your section planes?
So while I update the tab, all of the scene properties may not be being saved.

Beyond that I dont know what could be causing the disparity between the SU model and Layout.

I had this very problem with my local print shop, they finally bought a new plotter and all is well now. For some reason they used to “convert” the .pdf I would send to .tff file(s) and then print.
Might be worthwhile asking your print shop if they are doing anything like this as it could explain why WYS_Isnt’_WYG


Right, of course you can’t select the viewport when it’s locked either.

I saw your post on the printing, and appreciate the info. It will be interesting to see what they say, but I suspect you are correct, as my printer prints smaller versions of the drawings with no problems.

I see what he’s saying, and that was the first thing I checked. I don’t know what the cause may be. As Box and some, on other sites have said, there can be compatibility issues with High Sierra. My son has told me to get rid of Norton and Chrome. I’m starting there :disappointed_relieved:.