Layout - scenes not saving when doing section cut

Hi - Please can someone help.
I am in SU i have my model ready. Scenes saved. go to section plane - follow it through looks great. Update scene and save. go to Layout and pop scene in - looks good so far. Copy page in layout to open new viewport in SU. Then get my next saved section cut scene and its there. Go back and look at SU and scenes haven’t saved! What am i doing wrong?? Please help…

and pages within layout have not saved. I press save every time…

I’d say get both section scenes set up in SketchUp first. Confirm when you click between the scenes you’re seeing exactly what you want to see. Then save your SketchUp file. Then go into Layout and create the viewports and select those scenes. If you’re copying old viewports, you may have to update the viewport first to be able to select the new SU scenes.

Just in case this is what’s happening:

When you say that scenes are saved, do you refer to updating them? Doing a Model save will not save the updates to your scene. Updating the scene will save those scene changes.

And then afterwards you need to save the SU model in order for Layout to update the viewport.

Thank you for your reply but no. The problem is SU. I update scene and then i go file save as. Its so frustrating…

Would you mind sharing your files? Have you saved your SU file as a new name recently? If so, the Layout may be referencing an older file name. If that is the case, you would have to relink your SU file in LO.

If you are doing ‘file save as’ then the SKP file you had originally linked in LO will be outdated.

You’ll need to post screen shots / video or a share your files because none of this makes sense from your description.

And then this:

It also sounds like you need to learn the basics of SketchUp styles and scene management.

Most of the time it is not SU and user error. Don’t feel bad, it happens to all of us.

Typically it is something small in your process. You mention “save as”…that creates a new file that you would need to relink in LO. If you don’t, it is looking at your old file and will not show the changes no matter how many times you update the reference. You have to relink and select the new file.

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Also for Layout not saving, make sure you are not accidentally opening the backup file. They look identical other than name but the backup may not have most recent changes.

Ahh that’s interesting - i hadn’t realised that. Thank you :pray: