Help with sending sections to layout


Hi… When I save teh scene in sketchup of a section, I cant get it to save with section cuts activated… I go to the scene and then I have to hit section cuts again. So when I insert it into layout it opens without the section cut… How do I get it to keep the section cut so I can have my sections in the plans?


It sounds to me as if you aren’t updating the style associated with the scene. I imagine you have disabled the warning of style changes when creating or updating scenes.

First, select the scene you want the sections displayed, turn on the section cut and go to Styles to update the style by clicking on the large thumbnail in the upper left corner of the Styles window. This should help you get things straightened out in your LO file.

Next, go to Preferneces>General and make sure the box for Warn of Style Changes is ticked. In the future, when you create or update a scene after modifying the style, choose either to update the style or create a new style as appropriate. If you choose to do nothing, the style won’t be updated and you’ll create problems such as you report here.


Yes!! thank you… That did it… It didnt happen with the plan section cuts… i did those first so i had not encountered this. Had no idea about styles… Thanks a lot.


when I update the scene, the box labeled style and fog is checked… But i guess since I had never saved a style with the scene it didnt update it…


Even if Style is selected in the Scenes update window, you have to deal with updating the style in the Styles window. Make sure you are getting that warning message when you create or update scenes with modified styles. Also make sure you aren’t creating multiple styles that are identical. That just bloats the file for no benefit.


ok… thanks… ill read up on styles before continuing…


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