Creating Scenes with Section tool

Can someone please tell me how to create a scene in section? I want to show Different floors in plan of my house model and vertical sections of the building. I am currently making the section, then adding the scene ( a dialogue box comes up) and when I save the section as a scene it doesn’t see the see the sectional scene but the elevation. Many thanks

What is the dialog box? I expect you are missing the part about updating the style during scene creation. Have you disabled the warning box or is that what you’re seeing?

The display of section cuts is a style setting. If your selected style doesn’t have sections displayed and you don’t either update the style or create a new style that does have the sections displayed, you won’t see them in the scene. If you are getting the warning message as above, you are being alerted that the style has been modified. If you choose Do nothing, the style won’t be updated and the sections won’t show. If you’ve disabled this warning, you’ll need to remember to manually ensure the style has been updated before creating the scene.

It seems a lot of folks disable this warning without bothering to understand what it means and then they create problems for themselves.

Hi Dave
Thanks for the quick response. Yes I am seeing the warning box. What I am not quite sure I understand is from your reply is either which option to choose or do I make ensure the check boxes in your style image is what I have to see is the same as yours?

You need to make sure you are either selecting Save as a new style or Update the selected style. You haave to decide which one you need to use. If you update the existing style, it will impact other scenes you might have in your model.

I was only showing the Styles window to show the large thumbnail with the circular arrows indicating the style has been modified.

Got it! Thank you so much. Very new to this wonderful programme and on a fast learning curve. Had a look at your gallery while waiting and what a wonderful collection of drawings. I hope I can reach that standard one day.

There are a number of these subtle things that you have to learn. I’d suggest keeping your models simple to start so you can learn them without a lot of complexity.

Thank you. Keep practicing and you’ll get there.