Scenes in 2017 do not update



scenes will not update turning off some section cuts. Also a little pencil is showing just below the scene thumbnail. haven’t seen that before and no info on what it does in help files? Thanks


Typically when something like like you describe happens, it’s because the style has been changed but not updated. Section cut visibility is a style setting. Go to the Styles window and click on the large thumbnail for the style. It probably has circular arrows indicating the style has been changed. Clicking on it will update the style. Then update the scene.

Look in Window>Preferences>General. Is “Warn of style changes when creating scenes” disabled? If it is, re-enable it by ticking the box. Then, when you either make create a new scene or you update an existing one, you’ll get prompted to either create a new style or update the existing style. Do not disable this warning.

the pencil icon on the scene thumbnail just shows you which scene is currently being viewed.


Thanks Dave, That should do it.Paul