Scenes and section cuts


I’m having an issue with scenes that I have set up. You used to be able to save sections cuts for specific scenes but this does not appear to be the case in 2016? Does anyone know how to do this?

For example, I have an axo plan and internal views where I want the axo plan to be cut and the internal view to show the full ceiling (no cut). I am using Layout so depending on whether the section cut is toggled on/off this disrupts different scene. Is it possible to have this on/off for each scene?

Thank you

Since the state of section planes is a style specific thing, you need to make sure you have an appropriate style selected for those scenes in which the section cut will be displayed. Make sure the style for the scene doesn’t show as modified (circular arrows in the thumbnail image) and if it does, make sure you create a new style separate from the style that doesn’t show the section cut. Make sure the scene has been updated to reflect the different style.

If you change the style before creating a scene or before updating it, you should get a warning message indicating the style has been changed. That warning message can be disabled. If you’ve done that, you probably aren’t getting styles updated correctly. You should enable that warning.

None of this is new in SketchUp 2016. It’s been like this for many years.

Yep. It is sort of a nuisance that in practice you need to use a different style when you are placing section planes and when you are actually displaying them in a scene. For 99% of my scenes, I have the display of section planes turned off, and the display of section cuts turned on.


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