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Hi there

I have an issue with my active section cuts are not being saved with my scenes. I create a section cut and save the scene but as soon as I create another one, any previous section cut disappears from my scene, only the most recently created one is still visible. The scenes will change as you select them but the previous section cuts with the scenes I have created are no longer there.

Screen Shot attached

Sketchup Section cut issues 1.pdf (361.5 KB)

Hello, in your sections toolbar, check the left icon that refers to “display section planes”.

If your section toobal is not shown, right click anywhere in the toolbar and activate it first

That’s for long term.

For now go to view > section planes

You’ll see every created section planes (unless they are on an hidden layer) activate the one you want for your scene, in your case align view by right clicking on it and don’t forget to update your scene (you might also want to hide section planes before doing so)

Hello Paul,

Thank you so much for your response and tips, I will have a go and let you know how I get on. I am still very much a beginner with Sketchup so have lots to learn still.


I am also getting this type issue. and I solved through your answer.

I have been using sketchup since forever - was at the gathering on the Google campus some years back. I set up scenes for creating my animation and have, in the past, utilized section cuts for certain scenes successfully. Now, using SU2021, after setting up my scenes and updating them, when I toggle back to an updated image, all of the section planes appear. They refuse to go away and I am at my wits end. There is some trick that has been added to SketchUp because I used to be able to do this. My problem is the intermittent utilization of SU rather than daily use. This is most infuriating.
Thank you. Also, I am new at trying to utilize the help function and my fear is that you (or somebody) might answer my question, but I will never know it. Thank you.

I guess the image will show up and you will see all of the section planes. I don’t want them to show up.

There could be several reasons, none of which can be guessed at just from the image, and you didn’t answer what ‘toggle back to an updated image’ means.
One guess, you changed a scene style but didn’t update the style before updating the scene.

I apologize for not being more clear. What I meant was after going through each scene and turning on or off the section cut that I wanted and making sure that the display showed what I wanted, I went back to the first scene and when I selected it, the imager that I shared was pretty much what I got.

And, I think the style issue is exactly what I am missing. I have not kept up with how style impacts my work, and would appreciate help getting up to speed in that regard. I set a style years ago - the architectural style - and have not delved into style since then. My work in SketchUp is intended to assist me in designing and then to illustrate to the building owner the most basic elements of form and function. Since obtaining SU2021, I have decided to try to improve my skills with SU. It is overwhelming, but I am getting there. Thanks for your help.


I got what you are saying. So, how do I accommodate turning section cuts on and off on succeeding scenes for purposes of animation? when I update the style tray fir scene 1 to turn on section cuts, and then I want to turn the section cut off in scene 5 but then back on in scene 7, It is not doing what I want it to do. How do I toggle between turning the section cuts on and off in subsequent scenes?

I think I’m getting closer… hopefully.

You might wanna reset the warning messages [menu] Window >Preferences > General

It will prompt you when you create or update a scene and have made some Style overrides (turning off to display the section cuts for instance)

In general, you want to save as a new Style (Go back in the Style Panel and rename them)
Once you have sort of decided what style settings best fit the purposes in your workflow, you could save that collection or have those in your template, all ready.

I would think it’s exactly opposite to this. You want to “Do nothing” and don’t show this again.

That way you will not be creating a plethora of styles in your model but rather have one style for section scenes and update it if you need to change anything.

This way each change you do to a style that is applied to multiple scenes will update all scenes to match. Instead of having a style per scene you have a cohesive model presentation in all scenes. If one or more scenes need a new style you create it.

Applying a style to multiple existing scenes requires having the advanced properties active on the scenes panel. Just select all scenes you want to change, and apply current style to all by unticking and ticking back on the “style and fog” property.

Yeah, once you get to know how it works and have your own set of styles, this behavior will probably get in the way, and one would choose to manage your own.

Is there a human with a voice out there that can walk me through my scene/style/section plane fog. I cannot activate two section planes simultaneously and do not comprehend the turning on and off and new styles and all of that and I am getting extremely frustrated.

There was a time that I could do these things, but now things have changed in SketchUp and the time that I had invested is lost!


Only one section plane can be active at a time. This can be partly circumvented by placing the others inside a group or component, but they only cut objects within the same context.

None of the members who have answered you are robots, as far as I know.


I am obviously struggling with a task that should not be extremely complicated… sometimes I have a way of complicating things that are simple, so it could be me. I don’t think any of the responses are from bots, but I also believe that a conversation with back and forth question/response would be much more effective than this messaging style. For example, the previous response incorporated a tiny video and I was trying to simply match that video by creating a similar video. Why would “he/they” include an element that has nothing to do with the situation with the tricky double active section planes.

I am well versed in creating models with sketchup, but there are several working parts to making the section cuts work that are confounding me.

Is there no way that these conversations can be carried out in real time instead of text messaging? Or are there step-by-step videos on how to use section cuts in animations? I have watched some of the training videos, but have not found the ones that I need.