Sketchup Layout - NOT WORKING

I have searched and searched the forums and manuals, and cannot find a solution for why Sketchup and Layout are not working properly. The Ortho, Tags, Views, Scale, and Camera settings are ALL not working. If anyone can please evaluate my sketchup file, maybe there is something seriously flawed in it causing layout to completely not cooperate.

4 versions ago, I used to create everything in sketchup exactly how I wanted it, and save as a scene. When Layout upgraded, to include tags, I hoped, I could keep my model simple (I am just saving the active section planes as scenes, so I can do sectional views), but nothing is working in layout as far as model camera/tag/view manipulation.

Any help would be super gladly appreciated!

Isaac Duke
NW Sign Source
Olympia, WA

Capitol Theater_SHOP DRAWINGS_July_2021.layout (4.8 MB)
Capitol Theater_SHOP DRAWINGS_July_2021.skp (4.6 MB)

Looks like a big part of your problem is that your scenes aren’t set up to save any properties except Active Section Planes. The fact that your scenes don’t save things like Camera Properties and Tag Visibility means that you have to set those things in LayOut. That’s fine until you want to make changes to the model. Making those settings in LayOut overrides what you might do in SketchUp so not all of your edits to the SketchUp model will carry over. And if you reset the viewport in LayOut, that will cause issues with where labels, dimensions and other entites added in LayOut will appear.

It would be better to create scenes with all of the properties saved so you have fixed points of reference and use those for the viewports in LayOut.

Thanks Dave. I have started working on a separate file where I save everything in sketchup(parallel projection, top view, camera location, etc) but it still is not allowing me to fine tune in layout - set scale, zoom in, etc.

Maybe I need to re-install layout?


Upload your latest LO file. No need to also upload the .skp file since it is embedded in the LO file.

It’s unlikely that you need to reinstall SketchUp and LayOut for this problem.

Are you saying if I send someone a Layout file alone, they can open the sketchUp files referenced in Layout under document setup->references ? How ?
For the two files posted at the beginning of this thread, if I only open the Layout file (without downloading the skp) references to the skp file appear red and missing

Yes. Easiest way: Right click on a viewport and choose Open with SketchUp.

They should appear as missing since the reference links point to file locations on Isaac’s computer, not yours. The LayOut file includes an embedded version of the file, however. This means there are some implications to consider.

The size of the LayOut file is directly related to the size of the SketchUp file(s) it is linked to. If your SketchUp model is obese, your LayOut file will be, too.

If you do something like unlink the SketchUp model in References and then edit the original .skp file, those changes will not carry over to the LO file unless you first relink to that file. It also means that if you send me your LO file and I make edits to the SketchUp file, I am not affecting your original .skp.

Same applies if you somehow share the LO file with yourself to edit on a different computer.

If you were to send your LayOut file to a client instead of sending them a PDF, they have your whole ball of wax. Not just the LayOut file but any .skp files, as well as spreadsheets, text files, and images that you might have included in your project.

By right-clicking on a SketchUp viewport and selecting “Edit in SketchUp” from the context menu.
(Dave, did you ever take part in a typing contest? You would be a champion.)

@DaveR AND @Anssi ,
Thanks to both for responding. I understanding some of your replies except, if I dont have the skp file the Layout document has no viewports to right click and “Edit in SketchUp”

For example, I only downloaded Isaacs’ layout file. As noted, the reference to the skp file is red/missing.
And that makes sense unless I also download the skp file and relink to a location on my computer.
However, with only the Layout file downloaded and open, I view 2 pages which have no viewports.
As I said above, I cant right click and edit in SketchUp since there are no viewports to click on.

They should appear as missing since the reference links point to file locations on Isaac’s computer, not yours. The LayOut file includes an embedded version of the file, however.

If I dont have the Sketchup file locally with the Layout file, how do I open this Sketchup file which is embedded (bold above) in the Layout file?

That’s true if you’ve never inserted a Sketchup file into the LayOut document.

If there’s no viewports on any pages in the LO file, you can’t right click on one.

The SketchUp file is in the LayOut file. If there are no viewports on any pages that are linked to it you could rename the LO file to .zip and extract the .skp file from it.

I downloaded Isaac’s file. &-Zip will open it without renaming it to .zip. The archive contains a folder called ref which contains, among other things, the .skp file.
Screenshot - 10_11_2021 , 3_32_00 PM

I renamed as .zip and see the embedded files as you pasted. Thank you for taking time to clear this up since I have seen other posts where you had requested only the Layout file. I wondered how you were able to exam the skp file also.

BTW, I never send a client any of the Skp or Layout documents. My deliverable is solely a PDF.

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