Sketchup Layout - NOT WORKING

I have searched and searched the forums and manuals, and cannot find a solution for why Sketchup and Layout are not working properly. The Ortho, Tags, Views, Scale, and Camera settings are ALL not working. If anyone can please evaluate my sketchup file, maybe there is something seriously flawed in it causing layout to completely not cooperate.

4 versions ago, I used to create everything in sketchup exactly how I wanted it, and save as a scene. When Layout upgraded, to include tags, I hoped, I could keep my model simple (I am just saving the active section planes as scenes, so I can do sectional views), but nothing is working in layout as far as model camera/tag/view manipulation.

Any help would be super gladly appreciated!

Isaac Duke
NW Sign Source
Olympia, WA

Capitol Theater_SHOP DRAWINGS_July_2021.layout (4.8 MB)
Capitol Theater_SHOP DRAWINGS_July_2021.skp (4.6 MB)

Looks like a big part of your problem is that your scenes aren’t set up to save any properties except Active Section Planes. The fact that your scenes don’t save things like Camera Properties and Tag Visibility means that you have to set those things in LayOut. That’s fine until you want to make changes to the model. Making those settings in LayOut overrides what you might do in SketchUp so not all of your edits to the SketchUp model will carry over. And if you reset the viewport in LayOut, that will cause issues with where labels, dimensions and other entites added in LayOut will appear.

It would be better to create scenes with all of the properties saved so you have fixed points of reference and use those for the viewports in LayOut.

Thanks Dave. I have started working on a separate file where I save everything in sketchup(parallel projection, top view, camera location, etc) but it still is not allowing me to fine tune in layout - set scale, zoom in, etc.

Maybe I need to re-install layout?


Upload your latest LO file. No need to also upload the .skp file since it is embedded in the LO file.

It’s unlikely that you need to reinstall SketchUp and LayOut for this problem.