Sketchup not converting to layout

Hi there,
My Sketchup File is no longer updating in Layout.
I have tried to go to Document set up, References, and relink the model but its still not working!!! I need someone smarter then me to help! I cannot seem to figure it out :frowning:

Share the LayOut file so we can see what you’re working with.

Share the LayOut file so we can see what you’re working with.

Jennifer Bath Dec. 1.skb.layout (1.84 MB)

Thank you for responding!

You’re welcome.

The first thing I see is that you’ve modified the Camera settings for the scene in LO (note the dark field and Reset button in the Camera section of the SketchUp Model panel. Every one of them shows that same issue. Nothing you change regarding the scene’s Camera properties in SketchUp will carry over to LayOut because you’re overriding those settings in LayOut. Are you double clicking into the viewports to move the camera? There’s no need to do that or do anything that modifies the Camera properties.

I’ve fixed the viewports and will send the file back to you in a PM. Your file contains personal contact info so you should probably edit your post and remove the file to prevent bots from scavenging the info.

I forgot a couple of points.

First, the name of your LO file implies that you inserted the backup version (.skb) SketchUp file instead of the working file which has the .skp extension. If you are editing the .skp file, though, you’re editing a file that is not connected to the LO document. You should only insert .skp files, not .skb files.

In the file I sent I unlinked the reference because it would be pointing at my computer. Go into File>Document Setup>References, highlight the reference, choose Relink and select your .skp file.

OMG, you saved me!!!
That’s what the problem was!!!
I had it as SKB,
Thanks Dave, you are a genius! And a real time saver for me :pray:

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