Layout not syncing modifications from Sketchup

no more syncing, tried with all my projects.
If I make a change in Sketchup ,it no longer sync when I go to Layout
Sketchup Version 21.1.331
Layout Version 21.1.331

Post your layout file.

Also share the .skp file you are trying to sync.

Upload the files to DropBox and share the link.

Those files aren’t going to help me help you. Share the .skp SketchUp file and the .layout LayOut file.

Hopefully this will work?

They seem to be the right files. Hang on while I take a look.

OK. So if you go to File>Document Setup>References, what does the reference path look like?

What happens if you select the reference and then use Relink to connect to the latest version of the file?

This file opened as version 2021 LayOut file. Is that the version of SketchUp and LayOut you are using? Or are you using a newer version and back saving it?

FWIW, it wouln’t hurt to clean up your SketchUp model. Fix incorrect tag usage and purge unused.
Screenshot - 7_10_2023 , 9_59_23 AM

Screenshot - 7_10_2023 , 9_59_47 AM
That will reduce the SketchUp file size by about 72%.

Did what you said and the reference line became blue after I pressed “relier” relink, but my layout page is still not syncing

version is 2021

not sure how to do that

The red and staus of Manquant (Missing) means that LayOut has lost the link to the original file.

When you chose Relier (Relink) did you navigate to the .skp file you shared with me? If so it should show like this:
Screenshot - 7_10_2023 , 10_44_42 AM
It should not show the numbers as your screen shot shows. What you show implies that you relinked to the embedded copy of the SketchUp file instead of the file you’ve been working on.

Alleluia !!
Back on track , thank you so much DaveR

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Glad to know that. So I’m curious. Did you move the original SketchUp file to a different folder?

One way to help avoid confusion or unlinking is to open the Layout document first then right click on a viewport and choose “Open with Sketchup”. This will ensure you are working on the correct file and it creates a live link that automatically updates in Layout every time the model is saved in Sketchup, and don’t move your reference files around. :grinning:

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Not sure what I did… that project was on hold for a long while

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Got it :+1:thank you !