Layout file messed up

I am having trouble with one layout file. The cursor flickers and I cannot access any of the functions in the default tray. I have tried loading the back up file with same result. Other files seem OK. Any thoughts? I am hoping to make my revisions to get my plans out today. My file at about 7mb is too big to upload. Thanks- Ali

Upload to Drop Box and share the link. Someone will be able to take a look at it.

Thanks Dave. Here is link to file

There seem to be some missing SKP files. You should go back and relink them to the originals Did you use Copy and Paste to get them into LayOut?

Yes, I did use copy and paste. I am missing my plan section cut-lines from the main floor and basement level. Problem occurred after I revised second floor

Using Copy and Paste is not a good idea because the reference is a temporary file which would get wiped out by Windows maintenance. (They made some changes in LO2019 to help exacerbate this but still, the best work flow is to use File>Insert and insert the SketchUp file into your LO file instead of copy and paste. The other problem is your overlay viewport is tied to the Last saved SketchUp view. If you have any reason to do anything in the SketchUp after creating the viewport and you don’t save the view exactly as it was, you can count on the view getting changed when you go back to LayOut. Even if you only have one view of the model from that SKP file in LayOut, you should still create a scene in the SketchUp file to tie that viewport to.

Are you supposed to be working with a single SketchUp file in this document?

yes, single sketchup file. Is it the missing SKP files that is causing the cursor to flicker etc? Thanks

Yes. The Copy and Paste thing created additional SKP file reference that have gone missing now. I see the Basement and Main plan lines scenes in the CD model_44 SketchUp model. I think you need to replace those viewports properly and purge out the bad references.

Thanks a ton for your help! I will give it a try- Ali

I’m going to try to fix it for you, too. First step would be to lock all layers except the overlay layer. Then Drag selection windows around the page to select the bad viewports and hit Delete. Do this on each page first. Then in Document SetUp, hit Purge. Then you should be able to copy the remaining viewport on the page paste it to the overlay layer (leave the Overlay layer active, right click and Paste to current layer.) Then change the scene for the pasted viewport.

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