Layout will not update to sketchup model

Hello I have read the topics under the similar heading and am still having no sucess with my model updating to layout. I do have a yellow hazard triangle next to the rendering box and have the box checked on Auto.
Can anyone offer any advice on this? I am running 2022 pro version, just installed.
Thanks Jo

Can you share the LayOut file so we can see the setup? If you don’t want to make it public, send it to me in a PM.

You’ve modified some of the scene properties for the viewport. If those are properties you’ve changed in SketchUp, they won’t update in LO until you reselt the properties in the SketchUp Model panel.

Check what is shown in the Document Setup>References. Can you update the model from there? Or have you moved or renamed the file so that it shows as Missing? Is the model stored in the cloud?

Hi Dave thank you for this
Rushgrove analysis 1to100.layout (9.0 MB)


Hi there
References are all ok. Not sure about the cloud thing - yesterday it was doing it fine and i had cloud saved stuff on computer yesterday.- I did share it though on this forum for another topic??

I should have asked you to upolad the latest version of the .skp file, too. What changes did you make in the SketchUp file that you don’t see in the LayOut file?

Why is the file stored in a system folder? How did you get it into LayOut? Usually this happens if you use copy/paste.

That happens too if you don’t have a link to the SKP. You can right-click on the viewport, open in SketchUp, save as to a new file (removing the 184061196_ part of the working file’s name), then relink to that file.

Bigger problem for me, on Mac anyway, the SketchUp Model panel is remaining blank, so I can’t check for the alert or try Dave’s suggestion (which I think is going to be the right solution).

Hi everyone and thank you for your help. So the only thing I did in the sketchup model panel was alter the scale of the model. This is something I have always done when first bringing my models over.
I seem to have read in one of a previous members responses that as a rule you should not alter this as a best practice, I cant see how that would work , or Ive misunderstood (likely.)

I have checked the references section under document set up and all is good there.
I will reload the sketchup model and layout file so you can see the changes. I will not copy and paste it into the forum dialogue, which I did do before - I didnt realise you couldnt do this.

To answer why is the file stored in a ststem folder? I dunno! As far as I am aware it is in a folder within my work library. I got it into Layout from sketchup by using the command File -Sketchup - send to layout .

I will have a go at Colins suggestion and see how I get on. Ive tried this Colin, but sadly it removes the work that I have done on the original document whih is what im trying to update in Layout.

Actully Ive reliinked a newly saved file to the layout document and it has finally updated layout.
The trouble is any new changes again will not update. what am I doing wrong here I wonder?

Analysis sheet rushgrove.skp (9.8 MB)

Rushgrove analysis 1to100.layout (9.0 MB)

That was my bad - when I open a LO file that has missing references, LayOut creates a temp folder in appdata. It probably doesn’t exist in your system.

Once linked correctly, a rightclick on the viewport and ‘Update Model reference ‘ will take care of showing the latest edits of that SketchUp file.
So, it’s a manual process, not ‘live’

Removed post since apparently it’s being ignored.

Yeah I know I’m doing that and it wont update! I’m confused too!
thanks anyway

Thank you all its a bit confusing really - i admit i did press the ortho button but i did this to enable me to scale the model. all the scale buttons were greyed out until i pressed ortho? What is the ortho button for other than this?
Ta Jo

What changes are you referring to?
A SketchUp model can have multiple scenes with all kinds of setting and properties, when a viewport in LayOut is linked to a scene, and some properties are overidden (like style effects or camera positions) the ones in LayOut are leading.
Eitherway, if it is linked to the ‘last saved SketchUp View or a specific scene, you would still have to save the SketchUp file prior to updating the reference.
Then modeling edits would show up in LayOut.

Thank you Dave
I think I get it now!
All the best