Sketchup to layout issue again

Hi in the past i had isssues with sending to layout ( in that i didnt understand the process.) Now I get it thanks to all support here.

Today however when trying to send in the usual manner to Layout, which generally opens an existing layout document or if not asks you which template to use - none of this happens. ~Instead I get an open layout document with no specified template with no info coming from sketchup.

So far I have tried relinking the model, updated and saved the scene I am trying to view in layout, I have checked in layout model tab that it is indeed the correct model and I am still unable to get the scene I want in layout??

Any suggestions please?

Hi Jo,

In LayOut go to Edit>Preferences>Startup. What is shown? You’ll want Show Welcome Window and Prompt for template selected.
Screenshot - 4_27_2023 , 6_08_42 AM

HI dave they are already selected

Hi Dave
they are already selected??

Can you share some screenshots of the Model Panel and your Layout drawing area…?

Ive solved the problem!
I had opened the backup file by mistake and im assuming this wont send to layout?
Anyway thankyou for your input

Hi Jo, sorry. I was getting my kid off to school.

You opened the .skb file?

I did , problem solved!
Thanks Dave

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