Send to Layout - not working

When I click on ‘Send to Layout’, Layout opens but it’s just a blank grey screen. The troubleshooting section suggested I needed to have all scene properties selected on every scene, which they are.
I’m using SketchUp 2020.


What happens when you open Layout directly from the hard drive? Do you get a welcome screen with a window asking you to choose a template?

Yes I get the welcome page

Ok so Layout itself is working. When you send to layout from within SketchUp you do not see a window asking what template to use? It is not necessary to have all properties checked in every scene, or even to have scenes although it is best practice to have views set up as scenes established that you will use in Layout. When you get this grey screen does the menu work? Can you save or save as the file? How did you install SketchUp and Layout in your computer? Did you right click the installer and choose run as administrator? Can you post a the sketchup model that fails here on the forum so we can test it?