Send to layout problem

I am having a problem with ‘send to layout’. It works if layout is closed and it is the first model i am sending, but not if it is open already. On a previous machine I could send to layout over and over again and it would just open each new scene in a new tab. I then move the drawings onto one A3 sheet and organise the page as I require.
Please note the ‘send to layout’ option is there, it is not the greyed out problem. It just does nothing when I try to send if I have already sent one model.
I am making a new scene and saving each time, so that is not the problem.
Any ideas?
I also have a problem with printing that I am going to do a separate thread for so that it doesn’t get confusing but I thought it may be worth mentioning here too. The images are not keeping their scale when printing.

If you use Send to LayOut while LayOut is open, do you notice the LayOut icon on the taskbar flashing or showing as highlighted? This is what I see after clicking on Send to LayOut showing me that LayOut wants my attention to select a template.

Thank you for replying.
No, it doesn’t. I know what you mean, but it doesn’t seem to do anything at all. It does it the first time, like I said, but if I try to send another file it doesn’t do anything.

When you installed SketchUp did you right click on the installer and use Run as administrator?

No I didn’t. I shall try a re-install and do that now

When you do, after select the Run as administrator option and then choose the Repair option.

I don’t seem to have a run as administrator option, just install or cancel. I tried right clicking at every given opportunity. Unfortunately I had already gone through as far as the remove option before I saw your next message.
Shall I just click install now?

Yes. Click Install.

Still the same problem. Have re-installed twice now, run the repair and also the system checker.

Check your PMs.

Hi, Did you find a solution to this? I have the same issue. Should it be necessary to close Layout everytime I need to send a file?

Hi. Unfortunately I didn’t have a powerful enough processor on my tablet. Have bought a new computer now and works fine.
I think I had the minimum not the recommended.

Dave R helped with a good work around which was to import into layout rather than sending from SketchUp. Was actually a better way of working in the end .

Hi, could you elaborate on that a little?

Im having the same issue (cant send to LayOut if LayOut is already open - even if there’s no project loaded)


Dave R would explain better I am sure but as I understood it you make your model in sketchup. Save it and save all the scenes you would like to have in layout. For example, from above, side elevation etc. Make sure you save again before going to layout. Then in layout choose import SketchUp files. Once you have imported you can right click on item and choose the ‘scene’ you would like. From here you can just copy and paste the model and just change the scene through right click. Or you can import each time. Hope that makes sense.

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