Send to layout not working since latest update

Not sure if this is a sketchup or layout problem, but since doing the latest version download, my ‘send to layout’ function doesn’t seem to work on first attempt. I have to restart my machine for it to work. Then when I do, if I change views or scenes in Layout from the live model, I have to keep resetting for it to change view. Any ideas anyone? Is it a glitch in the latest update?

Did you install SketchUp/LayOut correctly? That is, did you double click on the downloaded installer to run it or did you right click on it and choose Run as administrator?

Working for me

Hi Dave, I double clicked to install as far as I remember.

OK. So that’s not the correct way to install SketchUp. Close both SketchUp and LayOut and find the installer. Download it again if you don’t have it. Right click on it and choose run as administrator. Then if prompted, choose Repair. Note that if there is a new minor version release since the version you installed, there’ll be no Repair prompt.

Then shut down your computer and restart it. See if that fixes the Send to LayOut thing.

By the way, you should edit your previous post in the forum and remove your signature with phone number.

Awesome, seems to be sorted. Thank you :slight_smile: and for the advice - number removed!

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