Send to layout not working

Hi there, is the ‘send to layout’ glitch resolved in Pro 2021? I have re-installed SketchUp and still i cannot semm to get my model with styles accross into layout, any ideas?

What glitch?

When you ‘Send to layout’ from SU nothing transfers, you get a blank Layout screen? It has been reported before by others, the fix for them was to remove and reinstall SU. I’ve done this but still doesn’t work

When you reinstalled did you use the correct method?
Which is
Find the installation .exe (probably in your downloads folder) select it then right click and choose Run as Administrator.
If you didn’t do this, do it now and select Repair when given the option.

Hi, just done that ‘Run as Admin’ and selected repair option, but layout blank screens when opens?

Appears to be an issue with a particular model I’m working on, works from a brand new model file.