Issues with Layout and Sketchup 2021

I am still having issues with sending files form Sketchup Pro 2021 to Layout 2021. I have gone through all the help on this forum and nothing seems to be fixing this error.

When I click on send to Layout, layout opens and then nothing.

I have run the program exe file as the administrator
I have uninstalled and reinstalled
I have tried installing Sketchup2020 (same issue occurs)
I have installed the program on my daughters computer and same issues happen
I have also ensured that the files created with from 2021 and not an earlier version

Is this problem occurring because I have a student license?

Thanks Renee

It should ask for a template, if it doesn’t, that panel or window might be ‘off screen’

With the focus stil on the ‘lost’ panel, hit ‘Alt + Spacebar’ then ‘M ‘ in english or ‘R’ in dutch and then an arrow key.
Moving the mouse should now show it.
The ‘M’ for Move or ‘R’ for ‘Verplaatsen’ might be different, depending on the used language in the OS.

You can try with putting the focus to another app and see what options you have when hitting the first combo (Alt+Spacebar)

If the problem is not a missing window, check to see which version of LayOut is open. SketchUp 2021 sending something to LayOut 2021, will only switch to LayOut 2020 and fail, if that is open at the time.