Send to Layout Failure

Hi there,

New to this forum. I am using SketchUp Pro 2021 subscription, and I am trying to send a floor plan to layout, however the “send to layout” option in the file tab is not selectable. Am I doing something wrong?
Thank you in advance


Was SketchUp and LayOut installed correctly? Did you double click on the downloaded .dmg file and then drag the SketchUp icon into Apps? If not or you aren’t sure, try doing that now and see if that fixes it.

ok, I found layout, and opened the program. I am still unable to “send to layout” but I was able to open the sketch file in Layout…

Did you save your model immediately before trying to clicking the send to layout button?

I didn’t, but I just saved the file and tried again, no luck

How do you open the apps? From within the Application folder in the finder?

I open SketchUp in the task bar at the bottom, sign in through Trimble Connect and then start using the program

Yes I tried saving it, even saved as a new file name, and then tried again to send to layout. Did not work

You never answered Dave’s question in July:

I’m sorry. SketchUp was downloaded and added to the task bar, but I can’t find layout on the computer anywhere so I’m assuming something has gone wrong

I have a similar problem on Windows 10, but I believe it’s related to trials and purchases.
Here’s what I did:

  1. I got the Sketchup Pro 2021 desktop trial and installed everything, including Layout 2021
  2. A few weeks into my trial, after finding that the Sketchup Viewer for VR Oculus doesn’t work (will only open the files that come with it) I also started a trial of V-Ray (which apparently started a 30-day trial of Sketchup Studio).
  3. Tried V-ray, decided I was going to use Unreal Engine instead, and uninstalled it.
  4. Paid for a Sketchup Pro 2021 subscription before the trial ran out. I’ve been using Sketchup Pro without incident. Just this morning I sent a drawing to layout. Today is the first day after the end of the Sketchup Studio trial.
  5. Just now I try to send a project to layout using the “Send to layout” button and I get this dialog:
    The subscription server response is invalid
    You can continue to use SketchUp, but you will not be allowed to start a new file or open an existing file
  6. Went to Help / Manage licensing, it tells me my Sketchup Pro subscription status is active
  7. I can start Layout, Help / Manage licensing tells me the same thing. I can start a new file from the splash screen, but if I try to create another new file (using File / New) I get the “subscription server response invalid” dialog
  8. It turns out I have the same problem with Sketchup Pro - I can open my existing project from the welcome screen, but cannot create any new files.

So I do not think this is user error but there is some defect in the license management when there’s an overlapping trial expiry with a valid license. I don’t know if that’s what the OP had but this is now a problem for me. Writing this reply gave me some insight.

And in my case I went to support and searched and this turned out to be the solution:
Definitely not 28 days since I last logged in, but I did this from the welcome screen and now everything is working.

There is currently an issue that a couple of teams are looking into. It is affecting other people, and I don’t think your trial situation made a difference. Fortunately, the signing out and in again does get around the problem.


Thanks. It would be nice to have the VR viewer for Oculus working, but I couldn’t find anything on when it will be updated or if there’s a workaround for the “you need to save in an older version of sketchup” error.

I can actually get it working, I have to save a copy as Sketchup 2018 (previously only tried back as far as 2019) and of course either on my C: drive or via Trimble connect.