Problem sending files from Sketchup to Layout


I got the Sketchup por 2018 but am having problems with sending files to Layout.
It only lets me send 1 file from sketchup to layout and only if Layout is completly closed… It used to just open a new tab in Layout…
Same goes for opening Layout files while the progrm is open - it doesn’t do anything…

Any suggestions?
I’ve unistalled and re-install the program and it didn’t help

Rather link the SKP from Layout than to send to LO from SU, currently this works much better.

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I have one computer where Send to LayOut doesn’t work if LayOut is open. But it works on another computer. It’s an issue the team is aware of and it’s being worked on. Using File>Insert in LayOut is the alternative.

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The send to Layout does not work on the PC I am using now. It worked on my previous PC. The biggest difference seems to be the chipset, a Z170 now a Z370.


It works fine on my desktop machine which is a few years old but not on either of the two laptops I bought this past summer. Not sure which chipsets but maybe that’s a clue for the team. @trent?