SketchUp not sending to Existing Layout

Hi there all!

I have an existing layout file that my new boss sent me and every time I try to send my SketchUp to layout, it’s asking me to choose a template, and won’t open the existing file when I go to File>Open, it’s grayed out… Can I re-link it somehow? The existing layout already has too much in it that she did for me to start over! Help please!

Send to LayOut isn’t the correct way to add a SketchUp file to an existing LayOut file. Instead, go to LayOut and File>Insert. Select the SketchUp file you want to add.

Hi Dave!

Thank you! I see what you’re saying… if I have separate elevations I want to “send” to layout to then notate and dimension, would I still do it the way you’re suggesting?

You only send or insert a SketchUp file into the LayOut once. After that you copy the viewport and select a different scene as appropriate. So if you have multiple elevation views/scenes in your SketchUp model file, you’ll insert once into LayOut and after that copy the viewport and choose a different scene for the new viewport.

OH! I see! Thank you, thank you Dave! That makes sense with a video I watched earlier trying to figure this out!

Thank you so much Dave! I was gonna pull my hair out, but it’s the viewport I messed up!

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You’re quite welcome.

By the way, make sure you create scenes in your SketchUp model for the various views you need in LayOut.

Take some time to go through the tutorials at as well.

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That’s a good call! I’ll check it out! I’ve been using SketchUp for years, but only ever exporting as images, never touching Layout! Just started a job yesterday and she uses Layout, so I’m trying to crash course it!

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