Layout scenes being swapped with other scenes when Sketchup Model Updated

HI Folks:
I am having a problem with layout swapping scenes if the sketchup model is updated and updated in layout. The following is how I proceeded:
1) created Sketchup model and created the Parallel Projection “scenes” in Sketchup.
2) created several “pages” in layout and loaded the different scenes to the viewport layer of the relevant pages;
3) added dimensions on the dimension layer for each of the layout pages;
4) a change had to be made to one “scene” which was done in Sketchup - and the reference to the model in layout was" updated";
5) This last action caused the scenes on the layout pages to be randomly swapped amongst themselves so that the dimensions were no longer relevant. for that page. ie. scene on page one is swapped with scene on page three or example - but not all scenes are necessarily affected;
6) additionally sometimes the dimensions on the layout page get changed as well to irrelevant settings.
Just wondering what I am doing that causes this problem - it has made for a great deal of extra work to reload the correct scene and then in some cases have to redo the dimensions for that page.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated - I’m hoping it is just some step that I am missing in the process.
Best regards, Dave Melnyk

Exactly how did you do this?

I expect that’s the case. It would be much easier to diagnose the problem if you share the LayOut file.

Which version of SketchUp and LayOut are you using? Your profile says “Pro” but doesn’t identify the version.

Hi Dave: Thanks for the reply. I am using the latest version of Layout and Sketchup. v21.1.279 for Sketchup pro and v21.1.279 for Layout. I would note that the original model was created in an earlier version of Sketchup Make 2016 v.16.0.19912, but was loaded into the above noted recent version of Sketchup Pro.
I am trying to upload the file, but it is 98,671 KB in size and keeps failing on the upload at 25%. Any suggestions?

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Here is the link for the file:

Which scene changed unexpectedly when you updated the reference? The only one I see that seems to be odd is the one for scene 09. In SketchUp it looks like this:

While in LO it looks like this:

This sort of thing happens if you have dragged the edges of the viewport and then change the camera position in the scene and update it. Easy enough to fix by dragging the edges of the viewport to get the model back to the center, though.

Out of curiosity, do you really want to print all that ground and sky color?

BTW, I checked for correct tag usage and found quite a bit of geometry that has been tagged. ALL edges and faces should be untagged. Only groups and components should get tags.
Screenshot - 6_30_2021 , 12_44_11 PM

I also purged unused stuff from your model which reduced the size of the SketchUp model file by more than 61%…
Screenshot - 6_30_2021 , 12_46_08 PM

That file size reduction will also dramatically reduce the size of the LayOut file.

Hi Dave, thanks for the response.

The scenes that would change would be for example the Rear Elevation (west side) would be replaced by the North Elevation – as an example. With regards to scene 9 I may have dragged the viewport on that one hoping to fix the positioning of the dimensions – but generally I have been careful not to alter the viewport from the time I imported the scene from the Sketchup model nor to alter the “scene” (ie. Camera position or parallel vs perspective view) in the model. When things went bad I simply deleted the viewport and dimensions for that page and recreated it from scratch by reimporting the scene from the model and redoing the dimensions.

I am wondering if the problem might be that the order of the pages and viewports in Layout may not mirror the order of the scenes in the Sketchup model exactly – ie. Model might be front , right, left, back views and Layout pages are front, back, left, right views as an example.

Yes I hadn’t purged the model – should have done that – my bad.

I am not sure by what you mean about “all edges and faces should be untagged”? I had some confusion shifting between the older version of Sketchup and 2021 version – ie. “layers” became “tags” in the 2021 version. Could you elaborate on this for me? Also I was unaware that you could reverse engineer the Sketchup model from a layout file? I thought that Layout was somewhat more independent of the Sketchup model.

I’ll see if I can replicate the problem using copies of the current model and layout files and then upload another copy of the layout file afterwards. The problem generally appears after I “Update” the model reference in Layout when it says the model is out of date.

Appreciate the assistance and education!

Best regards, Dave Melnyk

I can’t say that I’ve seen that sort of thing and of course there’s no evidence of it that I can see in your file.

That doesn’t matter since any viewport can be tied to any scene.

The same rule that applied to Layers in the older versions of SketchUp apply to Tags since they replaced Layers. In older versions all edges and face were to be created with Layer 0 assigned to them and they would keep Layer 0. Only the components and groups that contain the geometry would get layers assigned to them. Now, in exactly the same way, all geometry is to be created and stay untagged. Only the groups and components have tags given to them. Also, in older versions the rule was to keep Layer 0 active and now it’s Untagged that remains active at all times.

This process prevents you from create problems by having geometry mistagged and there’s no chasing the active tag.

The LayOut file contains a copy of the reference file whether it’s a SketchUp model, an image, spreadsheet, or text. LayOut is normally looking at the internal files although it will compare the internal files to the reference files during startup. And when you edit the reference file and choose to update the reference in LO, LayOut replaces the internal copy of the file with your saved reference and displays any changes you might have made in the reference file.

OK. And maybe add a text box identifying the scene on the page. Then if the scene gets changed, you’ll be able to identify that.

The message is indicating that the internal copy of the file and the external reference are different.

It occurs to me that one thing that might cause a viewport to change is if you delete the scene the viewport is set up to show. Then LO has to choose something else to display.

Good luck.

Hi Dave:

Was busy for the last few days – I fly hot air balloons and do ride flights so we have had a few recently!

I have uploaded the latest layout file to dropbox which has a slightly different problem. This is the link:

I created a few additional scenes in the sketchup file, opened the layout file and “updated” the sketchup file in the window that opened to indicate that it was out of date. The pages in the layout file got screwed up – the “cover page” first page is correct, but the next several pages are the “new” scenes from the sktechup file, not the ones that they are supposed to be from the layout file – after the new scenes, the remaining ones seem to be correct. Not sure what has happened?

I did the “update” from the dialog box that opened when I first opened the layout file. I previously had tried opening the layout file, cancelling the dialog box that requested an update, then used the “update” button in the tool bar under “sketchup model” – that seemed to leave the rest of the layout pages alone, but all the dimensions were highlighted in red and have to be relinked – which is a bit of a drag to go through them all on multiple pages – is there a way to “relink” these items all at once across all pages? (I tried the “relink” button on the dialogue box when the file first opened, but it created the same problem of inserting the new scenes out of order.

Thanks for your assistance with this …

Cheers, Dave Melnyk