Layout 2024 Crash when opening any older files from 2022

Layout 2024 is unable to load any of my older 2022 files.

Windows 10 system.

It just crashes when launching directly from a file or opening layout then opening the file.

It seems to loop refresh the GUI for about 20 seconds then crashes.

Any tips?


Seems to have been my old templates.

I removed them from the templates folder and things loaded ok after that.

I then opened a default 2024 template and things loaded fine.

Then i was able to load my old files. I’ll just create new templates from here.

But still Layout often crashes while opening older files. Or exactly,
crashes when updating the SKP file, happens with Layout/ SKP file from SKP2024.
Newer graphic engine disabled! So for me working on existing files from SKP 2023 is nearly impossible!
Any solutions?

I’ve also been getting crashes when using high poly sketchup files. While changing the view i’ll get a crash every time. Getting a lot of crashes kind of randomly. I just move to older version of layout when this happens.