2023 - Crashes after loading template

Hi all ,

I have a problem with Sketchup in general. It will load the initial screen, but after click whatever template i click sketchup loads and gets stuck at just a white screen

Things ive done:

Repair, Reinstall Skp 2023
Remove previous versions 19/21
Check fire wall - All fine

Not sure what else to check

fyi. Skp 2021 worked but then they stopped allowing the Warehouse so now forced to use 2023 but cant get it to work

Any help anyone has would be amazing!

You can access the 3DWH from the website without having to upgrade.

Thanks the reply! i would like to use Skp23, the annoying thing for me using the web version is downloading it all then loading it in for 21, its rather annoying, Ive paid for Skp 2023 so i wondered if i can get 23 it work :slight_smile:

One of the most common issues that can cause this sort of thing is Graphic Card Drivers. It’s the main reason Graphic Card is part of your forum profile.
Make sure you have the most recent driver direct from Nvidia, do not let windows tell you have the best driver. And make sure sketchup is using the nvidia card and not defaulting the an inbuilt card.

Hi Box thanks for the reply!

I have updated my driver for the GPU this morning and was still an issue :frowning: . Ive got a RTX 4080. Is it a known issue with these cards do you think?

What else could it be ?

Oki , ive done this, ive uninstalled from my local disk and reinstalled to another drive and it doesnt work.

I think its got to do with the connection or something. My pc might be blocking it , but so bizzare

Update: Managed to boot it up by finding a model and opening it that way. [right click open with]

It seems i have tonnes of plugins that it needed to load and got tonnes of errors. But at least it boots.

Thanks for all the help guys!

When you install SketchUp you must do it properly.
Close SketchUp.
Find its installer’s exe file - usually in your Downloads folder.
Select its icon, right-click > context-menu > Run as administrator…
In the dialog which opens choose Repair.
When it’s done reopen SketchUp and see if anything is better.

Doing the Repair does no harm, no customize extensions etc are affected.

If you Run the installer’s exe by double-clicking it, it is not the same as doing it as described.
It can cause all kinds of unpredictable issues, often centered on file/folder permissions and the kind of extension-loading errors you mention…

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