SketchUp 2023 crashes on startup

A bit of an annoying problem.
My SketchUp 2023 is crashing on startup, by which I mean freezing and/or black screen. All I saw was a blank startup window before freezing.
I should mention that I had Enscape installed. I’m on Windows 11, with Ryzen 5 5500U APU.
I have tried:
-uninstall Enscape
-reinstall SketchUp 2023-0-419-179 (the version I had)
-update graphics driver
-remove all residual files in program files, program data, %AppData% local and roaming, and reinstalling
-remove SketchUp item in the registry (win+R, regedit)(I could only find one item), and reinstalling
-reinstall SketchUp 2023-1-340-117

So far nothing has worked. Best I got was the Trimble Terms and Condition screen, and it froze.
I would very much appreciate any suggestions at all!

First thing: Go to the graphics card manufacturer’s site. Get and install their latest drivers. Then repair the installation of SketchUp. Right click on the downloaded installer, choose Run as administrator, and when prompted, choose Repair. After all that do a cold reboot of your computer and see what happens.

Thank you. Already done, and no champagne!

Solution found. It was the WiFi network. I don’t know how or why. I was using Travelodge’s WiFi when Sketchup crashes. When I switched to my hotspot or my partner’s hotspot, sketchup worked.
And when I switch back to Travelodge WiFi, it crashed again. Fyi all other websites worked on the WiFi.

Very strange!

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I guess that’s not a thing we’d ever have guessed since we had no idea you were using a hotel’s WIFI.

At least you got it working.

Hotels often have a stage where you’re given a screen to put in your name and room number, or something on those lines. Those can be a challenge! I wonder if it would have worked if you had already browsed some web pages, and got past the sign in to the WiFi screens.

Yea, sign in was done, and all websites accessed worked ok.